New to mfp currently dual tracking with ww

Hi Everyone!
I have mfp premium I received free with my Samsung gear fit, so I am giving it a whirl. I haven't had much success lately and I'm starting to wonder if it's time to try something else. So tell me if you made the switch from ww, have you been successful on mfp? What do you love about it? Please share even if you aren't a ww member.


  • dlkfox
    dlkfox Posts: 463 Member
    I've successfully lost weight on WW. I've successfully lost weight on MFP. I like MFP better because I can eat "anything" and know how it fits in.
  • bethkol67
    bethkol67 Posts: 2 Member
    Thanks @dlkfox ! I like knowing I'm getting what I am supposed to, not just the points. Obviously ww is good for nutrition too, because healthier foods are low points, but sometimes I think I get caught up in the "cheats" for low points. With mfp I can see the nutrients I am getting, I really like that so far.
  • lilligraz22
    lilligraz22 Posts: 183 Member
    Hi. I've been on MFP for a while now and I just like the fact that I know what nutrients I'm getting from my foods.
  • InkAndApples
    InkAndApples Posts: 201 Member
    I prefer MFP to WW because I don't like arbitrary moral values assigned to "bad" foods in the form of higher points. As a grown up sometimes I just want some damned cake without being punished for it.
  • LZMiner
    LZMiner Posts: 300 Member
    Ditto what the others said! I like MFP much better than WWs, which I was a big fan of. Caloric intake is a, for lack of a better analogy or word, "fairer" way of tracking. Nothing is penalized. And MFP has a much more comprehensive data base...and it's free!