Im not sure where I stand

So I used to weigh 230 lbs. Then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. But im petite only 5'3 got to a sizes 18-20. Now im 135 but Im a size 0. Of course i worked my *kitten* off at the gym. So im very muscular. And because of the weight lose my stomach was hanging so I had a tummy tuck. But believe me the tummy tuck was no miracle worker bc of my weight when I got it my stomach was still kindda big. So the ab machine was my fav with weights. And Im a D cup so my boobs are a liitle over average. Muscular build but my butts not too big. Not flat either. But im a size 0. I was wondering if this is normal. How can my size be so small but yet I weigh this. And please no haters. I went through enough in life struggling for years with weight problems. Yes at one point in my life I even suffered from an eati g disordered. Now i think i may have aneria athletica. Which, i try to eat right. But i must admit i spend hours upon hours at the gym. I am just concerned bc my fam and friends are telling me I'm getting to thin but my numbers on the scale dont really show that.


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    Just my two cents. Sounds like you're doing great but a couple of things stand out. First, if you're muscular, I think that throws sizes off. Secondly, you shouldn't have to spend hours at the gym unless you're training for some type of competition. And even then there is the law of diminishing returns. How do you feel? Energy level, mood, etc. Also, are you happy with the way you look? But without looking at a pic of you, you sound very normal to me. Hope this helps. Maybe somebody else has a different perspective.
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    Why does the number matter...? look in the mirror and judge from there.

    If people are saying you're too thin, maybe you need to listen.
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    Or not. Many write on the boards that they aren't too thin but their friends and family say they are. If you have a lot of muscle it'll weigh more. What does your doctor say?
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    Or not. Many write on the boards that they aren't too thin but their friends and family tell them they are but they themselves don't think they are. If you have a lot of muscle it'll weigh more. What does your doctor say?

    Size 0 is pretty small...
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    How do you feel? Are you healthy? Are you happy? How do your clothes feel on you? You know how far you have come and what you've had to do to get there.

    Look back at the weight and look at your body now, would you have been happy with what you have now when you were bigger?

    And you cannot necessarily go by sizing. Clothes are made by various manufacturers and these alter over time.

    And muscle is heavier than fat. Additionally body shapes change over time too as does the concept of what weight you should be. And specific body types need differing types of excercise.

    Congratulations on your success and don't worry to much. But do go and see a Doctor to reassure your-self (especially as you've mentioned you have had an eating disorder before). Now is the time to concentrate on your emotionally state.

    Once again well done.
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    Size 0 nowadays is nowhere near as small as it used to be, vanity sizing is out of control. I have a size 29inch waist and in most stores that puts me in a size SMALL for tops but if sizing was more accurate I would probably be more of a medium-large still.

    And you lost 100lbs, your friends and family are still getting used to you being smaller so of course you seem "thin" to them. Many people have gone through something similar and say it took their loved ones a few years to get used to their new size if they had a dramatic weight loss :)
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    Dense people muscle has a greater density... meaning a lb of fat needs a bigger box tha a lb of muscle... whew... glad I got that off my chest... of course this thread is begging for pics... at 5-3 you are not ultra vertically challenged... what is your current weight? Perhaps you would benefit from a body comp analysis to determine your body fat% and that will tell you whether you are now over compensating... body dysmorphia is real... perhaps you would benefit from a sit down with a mental health professional
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    I read once that we wouldn't have size 0 were it not for vanity sizing. Sizes vary so much from store to store.

    That being said if your family is saying you look way too skinny you just might and you might not be seeing it since your brain just won't believe it. I got down to about 135 and I'm 5'8" and I thought people were silly for saying I was too thin, I see pictures and yes I was too thin.

    Maybe it's time to reassess @RavenLibra has some valid points too. Good luck