How fast did you lose?



  • smileyducky
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    I lost 40lbs in a year on a mainly 1100-1300/day diet but it took me a month to slowly drop my calories to get used to it and to find low cal foods that keep you full (chicken, coffee, veg and avocados omg). I kept my calories lower since I did not exercise. If I did occasionally go to the gym I would allow myself to eat up to 1500 cals if I got hungry but for some reason cardio makes me lose my appetite
  • MeredithDeVoe1
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    Slowly. Not as fast as MFP promises me every day when I complete my diary. But I am progressing, just need patience. Most days I exercise and eat the calories back because it's hard sticking to 1200 calories.
  • gerla_k
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    I lost 8kg in 6 months eating 1600. I don't think I could function well eating that low cals.
  • GrumpyHeadmistress
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    97lbs in 18 months at 1200 a day plus exercise calories
  • AmyOutOfControl
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    I eat 1800-2000 calories a day because I am marathon training. I've lost 42 pounds in a year and a half. I am not really worried about how FAST I am loosing. I just want to KEEP it off this time. :)
  • debtay123
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    I too want to keep my weight off this time so I am eating between 1350-and eating back part of my exercise calories. so far I usually lose .5 to 1lb a week- but I have had stalls when I go to low then over eat- etc- so now I just stick to my 1300-1400 calorie if possible
  • georgiamaxine1
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    I've lost 50lbs in 5 months
  • JeromeBarry1
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    My 17+ month chart of weight resembles an exponential decay. Early in the journey, I lost weight quickly at the rate of 1-2% per week. Later, it's more like 1-2% per month.
  • not_a_runner
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    I lost about 3 lbs per week when I was eating 1400 and very active. It was miserable. I wouldn't even attempt 1200.
  • SafioraLinnea
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    Several years ago I ate at 1200 and was losing 1-2 pounds a week (probably closer to 2 most of the time) for a total of 40 pounds lost in about 4-5 months.

    I will never do that again. I felt so sick, weak, and tired. My health recovery afterward resulted in regaining 25 pounds over 8 months and then 25 more over the following year.

    Now I eat between 1800 and 2200 calories gross (1800 net) and lose 0.75-1.5 weekly depending on a variety of factors including exercise, daily activity level, and how hungry my nursing baby is.

    I feel like a million bucks eating the way I do now. I feel energized, strong, and healthy. I was so miserable on 1200 daily and didn't even know it until I stopped.
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    I was wondering how quickly YOU lost weight eating 1200 calories a day??

    Hi. I just started and its my 10th day. I lost 1kg for maintaining 1200 cal per day. But then I don't know until when I can do this.