Will I ever get a flat stomach?

Hi! My name is Kelsey, and this is my first time posting. I've lost nearly 30 pounds over the past two years and currently weigh around 123 pounds. I've always had a "B" shaped belly, and it's always been the cause of my self consciousness. I'm just wondering if anyone else has struggled with this or has gotten rid of it? It's definitely gotten a little smaller. I just feel like I've been fighting with my own shape for months. The pic on the left is before and the pic on the right was from a few weeks ago. uey2qzkd2ccy.jpgysrcfi72hrrx.jpg



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    It's very much down to genetics I think. Of course everyone could theoretically go down to a very low bodyfat percentage, but it's not healthy in the long run, with associated issues such as loss of menstruation, etc. What I wanted to say though is that you have a fantastic body, and especially great legs! They look really good! Might not be a condolence, but I have a flat stomach at a fairly high fat percentage, but my whole legs and upper arms is where I carry my padding. It's not great either as I have to wear fairly big pants that are far too wide around my waiste, and make it fairly invisible anyway. And skirts look ridiculous on me. I would swap with you any day!
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    I am so with @CattOfTheGarage on this.

    I too have a B belly, though different than yours, and decided I didn't have the dedication it would take to get, and then maintain, a flat belly. I enjoy food and wine way too much.

    That is me though at this point in time. I may decide that I want to persue that goal in the future. Who knows.

    I have found doing a recomp and lifting has improved it, but it still doubles over at my waist hiding my belly button when I sit. Standing it looks fine.

    Losing a bit more fat and getting on a good lifting programme would probably help, as would good posture. Look at the 'recomp' thread in the 'maintaining' sub-forum.

    You are looking good, and have come a long way, it is up to you to decide if you want to put the time, work, and effort it will take.

    Cheers, h.
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    You look fabulous! Great work.

    My stomach is my easy area too, but my thighs are the pits. So I go to the gym and do circuit training, after 6 months I am seeing a difference all over. I used to only run and walk, but now with the gym training with weights I am really realising the benefit.

    You probably do not need to lose more weight, but toning up can really change things.
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    I have the same stomach issues. I'm an apple shape, so I have nice shapely legs/butt and a gut that will basically never be flat unless my body fat is ridiculously low or I get surgery. I may actually go for the tummy tuck once I get to my goal weight and healthy BMI. Not just for vanity, but because I already have loose skin that sort of "hangs" from my belly and causes chafing.
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    My stomach is getting flatter but man my thighs are a beast. Even when I got pregnant, I only gained 15lbs, and guess where my stretch marks were?? My fricken thighs. I genetics play a huge role. I do a lot more strength and leg are looking more musclar. But they are still hanging on to that blub in the inner thigh. So we do what we can, only way we can really hit those problem are is to really reduce overall body fat%.
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    For what it's worth I think your tum looks great! Girl, you look so slim and fit :)
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    I think you have a very sexy belly! (Not come on to you just telling it like it is.). Love your little pooch. It's barely there, and adorable. You are doing great.
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    Anyone can, however some don't have the discipline to get down to body fat percentages to show it. Females see these results at around the 15%-20% range.

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    This ^

    Nothing to it but to do it.
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    Do you do any exercises to strengthen area
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    I've given up on having a perfectly flat stomach. I just don't have the motivation /dedication or willpower to get and stay there.

    Besides, I'm 45 and having the toned flat stomach i had in my 20's and 30's just isnt top of my priority list anymore.
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    I dunno man but bellies can be cute and not flat. Core exercise may tone the area some more; but if nothing else, they will make you feel strong.
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    Thank you all for the great and encouraging responses! I'm not sure if I can individually reply to everyone, but you all have made me feel so much better. I've been an avid runner the past two years and have recently started doing a lot more strength and resistance training than I was before. I have a very strong core and it's been so disheartening to have a stomach shape that just won't budge. I'll definitely try to switch it up again. I eat a vegan diet, but working long and late hours causes me to not eat how I want to 100% of the time (Taco Bell is on the way home and I can't resist a bean and potato burrito lol). I don't often see people with stomachs like mine post pictures so I've just always wondered if I could ever have a relatively "flat" stomach I suppose. The only before and afters I can find are from tummy tucks lol. Thanks again!!!
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    @middlehaitch omg you look AMAZING in that red dress
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    Dieting will make you smaller, but it will be proportionally smaller unless you also work out and build up some muscle. Otherwise you will have the same percentage of fat on your body, just less of it because there is less of you. Without going to the gym, you will lose a lot of muscle along with the fat. If you want to change your body composition and have less fat and more muscle, you need to hit the gym. Dieting can only do so much despite the fact that people here insist you don't need exercise.

    Dieting make you thin and look good in clothes. Working out along with a good diet makes you look good naked.