Cold Shoulder vest for weight loss

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Well, anyone?

This is much along the lines of standing at my desk all day to burn an extra fraction of a calorie per minute because my heart has to work a little harder to pump blood a little higher. With the cold vest, the body has to burn more calories to produce enough heat to maintain 98.6 optimum temperatures. It's the same as living in a cold climate.


  • CJYogii
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    Well, it makes the exercing harder and you CAN use it even though it is not actually needed. And besides I dont think that anyone would buy that. As long as you maintain in a calorie deficit you will loose weight no matter if you use it or not and think that having a cold shower would have the same effect than that but that is just persnal opinion
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    It'll probably work as well as Oprah's advice to stand inside the freezer doors at the supermarket for a few minutes while shopping to burn extra calories. I know the women who followed it have shed immesurable amounts (literally) of weight since that episode.

    ETA Endorsed by Dr Oz? Not surprised.
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    I lived in Alaska for 20 years. I went on hikes at 20 degrees for at least an hour each time. Definitely cold. I would think that the presence of cold has very limited effects, if any, on weight loss. My opinion is that the cold vest would be a complete waste of your money.
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    This is of those things that sounds good in the carefully controlled conditions of a research lab, but has almost no practical benefit.

    OTOH, it would have come in handy at work last month when our AC went out.
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    Good for keeping you cool on a hot and humid summer day or when wearing Level A suits.....weight loss, not so much.
    As hot/humid as it is around here right now I could use one but I ain't forking over that kind of money.
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    If you just get up and do 250 steps an hour- you'll be fine. I have a sedentary job but still burn 300+ calories extra a day just by getting up every hour and moving.
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    $150 for that!!?? A couple of ice packs in sleeves strapped to your torso?


    Otherwise, I'd consider it. The heat and humidity are murder on my runs - not to mention potentially dangerous when stupid me unintentionally pushes too hard. At that price though, I'll settle for taking it slow and easy.
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    The closest I ever got to using cold packs tactically was when I was quite obese and insisting on mowing my own grass in the heat of summer. I'd put an ice cold gel pack on the top of my head, put a flop hat on top of that and affix the hat by a string under my chin. The point of it was to avoid heat stroke. I haven't needed that this year because it hasn't been hot enough to bother me.