Hey guys!!! Looking for some friends. (Read post please)



  • MelissaSheklian
    MelissaSheklian Posts: 141 Member
    Adding people (if I can remember user names) feel free to add me too!

    I'm active almost everyday, frequent likes for friends, trying to comment more but sometimes feel like I'm being a creep because I don't actually know any of you haha
  • Amy77521
    Amy77521 Posts: 9 Member
    I would love some new friends too!!! Please add me.
  • sjmanfre
    sjmanfre Posts: 4 Member
    You can add me as well. Open to anyone. Been on here over 80 days straight. Trying to catch other friends that are at a full year already!! I've lost alittle over 20 pounds myself. Looking for motivational friends! Let's keep it going!!!
  • farquhar772
    farquhar772 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm looking to lose 85 lbs. Add me too. I need the help as well
  • CrystalxDawn1622
    CrystalxDawn1622 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey that would be cool to friend you. I need motivation too

  • PartyKardy
    PartyKardy Posts: 173 Member
    Anyone can add me. I'm on here everyday and post pics of my meal preps and update photos :)
  • That_Country_Girl82
    That_Country_Girl82 Posts: 122 Member
    Feel free to add me!! I need motivation too. I am currently doing weight watchers to but I like mfp better with calories instead of points
  • Letty_c
    Letty_c Posts: 278 Member
    I could use some friends who are active on mfp. I started on here again about a month ago and am trying to get myself motivated to follow through this time. Feel free to add me!
  • santd
    santd Posts: 241 Member
    Add me happy to support and chat. Looking for friends my name is Dawn add me.
  • ctarantino512
    ctarantino512 Posts: 9 Member
    I'm here to help!!! Please add me too! Need motivation and can give and inspire
  • lesliecooki6038
    lesliecooki6038 Posts: 15 Member
    Anyone can add me:) I've been here a little over a month, lost 16 so far..first goal is to loose 30, good luck with your journey!
  • stellawest82
    stellawest82 Posts: 14 Member
    Looking for friends for motivation/support :smile:
  • Fade2Blacc
    Fade2Blacc Posts: 11 Member
    add me always looking for support and help to motivate...still got 30 pounds to go