Trouble With Cottage Cheese



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    I'm not a big cottage cheese fan either. The ONLY way I eat it is as a dip. If you like ranch dressing, you'll like it. It's simple...cottage cheese, powered ranch seasoning and about 1-2T of mayo (light or whatever you prefer) and it makes a good dip for veggies. Some people blend it, but if the texture is OK to you then eat it just like that. Hope that helps to not waste the container you have.
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    Trash, don't buy it again, done.
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    Yesterday I tried cottage cheese for the first time in my life, and it was no joke the most vile thing I've ever tasted.

    I love cottage cheese. Love. Back when I was fat I would commonly eat a carton (not a huge carton, granted, but still) as a snack. I love that it fits so well into my current goals. I would NOT add salt or pepper, it doesn't need it (it's quite high in sodium, actually), and don't add anything, but do have it as a side with other foods (I like it with an omelet, for example.)

    That said, people have different tastes, and if you don't like it, you don't like it.

    Depending on what you don't like about it, I might try another kind (there are some brands I dislike because the texture is wrong), but if you hated it that much, probably not.

    You don't need help, because there is absolutely no reason to consume cottage cheese if you don't enjoy it. Period. Give it away or toss it. Maybe try making a lasagna with it, some do that. But really, it's no big thing if you toss it.

    I personally think (even as a cottage cheese fan) that sweetening cottage cheese seems vile, but again different people/different tastes.
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    Once the cottage cheese is gone I plan on consuming all the Greek yogurt and peanut butter I can get my hands on. I know peanut butter is more a fat source than a protein source, but if I used it as a 'treat' protein source would that seem alright to most people?

    What matters is total protein. It will help you reach that, and presumably you have room for some fat in your "clean bulk." So sounds good to me.

    I LOVE mixing nut butter into plain greek yogurt. I do it with almond butter and walnut butter, mostly.
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    I'm on the "if you don't like it don't force it" bandwagon. I personally LOVE cottage cheese, but I can see why someone wouldn't. There are just so many other wonderful protein rich foods that are still "clean" that it is so not worth gagging over a product just because you bought it.

    People rant and rave about sweet potatoes and yams being amazing and healthy, but they literally trigger my gag reflex, I hate them... so I don't buy them, and if I did accidentally buy them I would toss them out because life is short and hard enough as it is. Ask a friend if they like it, if you truly hate to waste but please stop trying to force yourself to like something you don't, cottage cheese is so very permanently cottage cheesy.

    You are my food taste twin. Love cottage cheese. That Thanksgiving dish with the marshmallows, or hipster restaurants with sweet potato fries, gag. Was not upset when Wal-Mart ran out of sweet potato pie.

    OP, if you don't like cottage cheese don't eat it. I eat mine with canned fruit, but that's not going to change the texture. I think yogurt is awful unless it's in a smoothie, so I don't eat it unless I'm in a mood for smoothies. There is no food you have to eat. There are always alternatives.
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    @Heather4448 Yeah I think with all the advice given, once I finish this tub I won't be touching cottage cheese agian.
    Good idea with the search function on this forum.. I didn't even think of using the forums search engine.

    I take what is left from you, no need to waste it or suffer eating it. I love cottage cheese mixed with fruit or with equal amounts of greek yogurt. Best dessert ever.

    Honestly OP, just don't eat what you don't like or enjoy. There are good sources of protein to replace the cottage cheese with.
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    I'll take that cottage cheese off your hands OP.

    I could happily live out the rest of my life eating three foods: cottage cheese, potatoes, and apples.
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    Cottage cheese is actually recommended as a substitute for ricotta in many recipes because it's got a similar creamy texture to the real deal. Many ricottas we get in the US are well subpar - very grainy and gummy.

    Use it like you would use ricotta - not because it's healthy but because it can be delicious in that context. Otherwise, just throw it out. Eat yogurt instead. Cottage cheese is not the be all end all of super mega foods.
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    One quick question ---> Are you sure it is good? Has someone else tasted it and said, "Yup, that's the way cottage cheese tastes."

    I am in the <3 love cottage cheese camp and would hate to have you hate CC over a bad package.

    Odds are you just hate it though.
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    If you don't like it don't eat it. Not everyone likes cottage cheese
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    Tip for the future with new foods- buy the smallest container or order a single serving at a restaurant.

    I like cottage cheese mixed with paprika, ground black pepper, herbs, chopped onion, green pepper, carrot, tomato, radish, and some mayo. I will also eat it plain. I get the full fat version though.

    My family made a dessert/salad with lime gelatin powder, crushed pineapple, cottage cheese and whipped topping similar to this->
    It was always pretty popular even though it sounds odd.
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    Hey everyone thanks heaps for all your tips.

    (snippage by reply-er)

    Also thanks to everyone who suggested Greek yougurt. I'm going to try some of the suggestions given on this thread to finish of the container, but suspect I won't be buying anymore (happy to be pleasantly surprised though).

    Once the cottage cheese is gone I plan on consuming all the Greek yogurt and peanut butter I can get my hands on. I know peanut butter is more a fat source than a protein source, but if I used it as a 'treat' protein source would that seem alright to most people?

    Thanks once again to all of you.

    Sure, eat the peanut butter, within your calorie goal. I had it close to daily while losing 60 pounds.

    Have you yet found peanut butter powder (like Bell Plantation PB2 brand, among others) or defatted peanut flour? I prefer peanut butter if I'm spreading it on apples or something, but the powders add a little protein and give a good flavor to yogurt, peanut sauce for veggies, salad dressing, etc.

    For more protein ideas, check out this thread (below). It links to a spreadsheet that lists many, many foods in order by protein efficiency - most protein for fewest calorie. Lotsa meat/fish near the top, more variety as you scroll.
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    Wow... More useful and insightful advice. I was brought up to always say please and thank you when someone does you a kind service, so thanks to everyone who's offered advice and/or recipe ideas.

    @junodog1 No, no one else has tried the cheese (no one wants to, not even my housemates dog will touch it haha) but it is in date and it's a well known/reputable brand here in Australia - Bulla for anyone who knows the Aussie cheese market.

    A couple of personal thanks. @Lounmoun That's a good (common sense) idea with buying smaller containers when trying new foods. I'll definitely take that on board in the future.
    @lemurcat12 Thanks for the sage advice in regards to my queries about peanut butter and yogurt.
    And @AnnPT77 thanks also for answering my PB question and for the link to those foods, that spreadsheet looks super useful.

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    86 it. Some things are not meant to be.
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    Why eat something you hate?
    There are other options

    Me personally won't eat cottage cheese if its not 4% milk fat the low fat is disgusting

    But cottage cheese is my favorite breakfast

    I eat a serving with sliced berries and a slice of whole wheat toast then drizzle the toast,berries and cheese with honey its the most amazing thing in the world to me.
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    Ummmm it sounds like you and cottage cheese just don't go together! And that's ok there are plenty of other great sources of protein out there : )
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    I agree. Cottage cheese is truly vile and considering my diet is 70% dairy... it has to be truly disgusting for me to hate a dairy item. Yogurt is freaking gross, too. I can only tolerate the 0% Fage because it tastes and smells like mostly nothing. I don't know how people eat this stuff.
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    I only like certain brands. Some
    Are not good. I buy Deans.
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    Try Ricotta. I eat it almost every morning with eggs..