Heat advisory and high heat



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    I am usually running between 5-5:30am, but it is still oppressively hot and humid (low 80's, 80-90% humidity) here in Texas. But in the evening you have to wait until after 8:00pm as the sun is going down to get any relief from the heat. And since I get up at 4am, I don't want to come in from a run soaking wet, then have to go straight to bed. So just have to tough it out and slow the pace and mileage during the summer months.
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    I live in mid-south with the heat and humidity that comes with it. Frankly, I love the brutality of it. Maybe I am a masochist, but I feel like it is hardening me. Making me tougher. I put in some angry music and train during the hotest part of the day. (Properly hydrated of course.)
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I ride at 5:30 AM

    I get scared of riding in the dark even with my lights flashing. In the summer 5:30 AM is close enough to dawn but before that I don't do. Traffic is light and I love to watch the sun come up too.
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    I hear ya. I'm of Scandinavian descent and I've never gotten used to the heat even though I've lived in the south my entire life. Even indoors at my classes I struggle because of the humidity. I find that I have to just slow down and do the best I can. Also, I drink a boatload of water. I've actually cut back on my weight loss plan to go slower in the summer because I'm just not burning off as much. The humidity will break here sometime in September and I'll kick it back up then. I'd rather do that than get discouraged and give up all together. Hang in there.
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    I recommend doing it in the morning before you start your day, it's coolest then and you'll be able to take a shower after and get ready for the day (since no matter what time you do it you'll be soaked in sweat by the end). The biggest thing is making sure to listen to your body, and also hydrate ahead of time the whole day not just when you you are about to exercise or right after, by then it's too late. Even though it's more humid in the mornings it's nice to not have the sun glaring down on you, it really makes a difference. Plus it's before you have worked all day in the heat so you will have more motivation to do it/won't be sick of it yet.

    I used to work 10 hour days doing labor outside, with an hour commute both ways and then run after work (in the summer in GA so hot and humid). I just made it a habit, and it made it easy. I had a snack everyday on my way home and drank a bottle of water on the drive so that I would have a little energy/extra hydration. Then after the run I would shower, eat dinner, go to sleep. During the day while working outside I drank anywhere from 10-12 bottles of water (16oz) and ate every 2-3 hours (small snacks).

    Also I never used them but there are towels specially designed to dip in cold water that stay cold wrapped around your neck while exercising. But ultimately you don't have to work out outside in the summer, that is a choice you are making, choose wisely!
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    I live in Louisiana. Its always hot and humid, July and August are killer months out here. Didnt even really have a 2016 winter, I may of worn a jacket like 2 times? When I have to do a lot of outside work ( like an hour in the yard), I def drink a lot of water, cover up (hats/sunglasses) and etc. But if I dont replenish when I am done all that sweating, I get so tired I cant move. I try to do workouts in the mornings before I get into that heat.
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    I went to a thrift shop and picked up an old (admittedly jankity) exercise bike. I told myself if I can't get outside to ride might as well get some pedaling in while I'm home watching a show