First time trying kale, what should I do?



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    I chop it up and put a small amount (1 tspish) of ghee in a deep pan, melt it, then add all the kale, stir it around some, then put the lid on so it sort of wilts/steams. I start it on medium heat but as it starts to get steamy in the pan and wilts more, I turn it down to medium low. I do stir it around occasionally, and if it's too dry, I might add just a tad bit of water to help with the steam process. Then we season to our own tastes (mine is some ghee, garlic powder, and salt) and eat it as a side to things. Bonus if there are sauces involved with the meat course as I can drag my kale through it too. My daughter and I love it. My husband tolerates it. Baby kale I'll use in salads. Any chopped kale or spinach in an egg scramble is good too.
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    The simplest way is to saute in butter (be generous) or with some bacon fat with some garlic and onions. Eat as a side dish or over pasta or polenta, or as a topping to chicken breasts or something.

    My husband will only enthusiastically eat kale in colcannon, a traditional Irish dish. It's full of potatoes and greens, and is definitely stick-to-your-ribs and full of fiber. The recipe below is one of many on the net:
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    Making this for dinner: Butter, garlic, parm? Heaven. Don't forget the chili flakes, they make it.

    Thank you! I'm so doing this :)
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    I generally chop it really small with kitchen shears and marinate in salad dressing overnight then top with crunchy bits, fresh fruits, and chicken in the morning. Also, here's a recipe that is a little quicker:
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    wash it, dry it, tear it into bite size pieces. Lay it on a baking sheet & drizzle with olive oil. Bake until crispy. Remove from oven and sprinkle with salt or parmesan.
    Keep a bowl on the counter or your desk! The only other way I like kale is in a green smoothie. I have hypothyroid so I can't go over board on the cruciferous goodies.
    Good luck!
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    I eat it straight out of the bag raw. It has a slightly nutty taste and I love it. I also steam it but not for too long
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    "First time trying kale, what should I do?"

    i want to say 'run', but i quite like it in a white-bean soup.
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    It makes a great spinach sub simmer like spinach then serve with a little butter or saute with a little olive oil and a few cloves of garlic salt and pepper to taste
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    I have a recipe for Green Barley that is amazing! You can Google, or here is mine...

    Boil an entire bunch of kale (big stems removed) and then whirl it up in the blender with half a cup of the cooking water. Add that to 1 cup of cooked barley. Then, make a white sauce. I make mine with 2 cups vegetable stock, 2T flour and 3 T butter, stir in 1/4 tsp allspice and 1/8 tsp nutmeg, and a half a cup of cheese (if you like). Mix everything together and bake for 30 minutes. Divine!!! (and I don't like kale).
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    Kale chips are a great snack. Just strip the leaves from the stems, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds (or you could use parmesan) and bake until crunchy.

    My other favourite is as a salad. Just strip the leaves from the stems, place in a large bowl and coat with olive oil and lemon juice. Don't use a spoon, but actually use your hands to massage the oil and juice into the leaves. I then add some watercress if I can find it cheap. It's great as a side salad with a piece of nice red meat :smile:
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    Add sliced garlic, little red pepper, sauté - I normally use olive oil but bacon fat sounds lovely. If you find sautéing leaves it too tough for your taste, add a little stock to it and simmer for several minutes after you sauté. When the liquid is absorbed, deglaze the pan with balsamic vinegar.

    I prefer the flat leaved lacinato variety. It makes good kale chips in the oven.
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    Not sure if it affects the nutrition but kale chips are incredible. We have adapted to using a mrs.dash garlic and herb seasoning and finishing them with salt and Parmesan. My boyfriend and I probably go through 3-4 bunches a week.
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    If you put it in a pan and add coconut oil, it makes it easier to throw the whole thing away
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    I grew far too much in my community garden one year. I found many ways to prepare it. It is like tough spinach, so I think it is better cooked. The pork fat sounds about perfect.

    You can sub any recipe that calls for spinach (keeping in mind that Kale is tougher).

    If preparing raw, chop really fine. Long fine strips are attractive.
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    If you put it in a pan and add coconut oil, it makes it easier to throw the whole thing away

    I personally don't mind kale, but that made me laugh. :)
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    If u Google Deliciously Ella kale salad you will find a recipe which I really like. You will, however, have to ignore just how irritating Ella is. Or that could just be me...