Period cravings

As if stress eating isn't bad enough, how do you handle pms cravings?


  • livingleanlivingclean
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    Plan meals, prep food, and learn to say no!
  • womanisadevil
    womanisadevil Posts: 52 Member
    Hide in my room and not go near the peanut butter or chocolate because I will have NO willpower what so ever. :lol:
    I eat a lot of fruit to keep the sugar cravings at bay.
  • x_stephisaur_x
    x_stephisaur_x Posts: 146 Member
    Tell my Husband not to let me go over my calories. Strop because he won't let me go over my calories lol
  • jayemes
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    I crave chocolate so I make an allowance for a chocolate covered protein bar in my calories for the day
  • tinkerbellang83
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    I have a couple of maintenance days and try not to keep foods in the house that I can't eat in moderation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, I just accept that it's something that might put me a little behind, log it and move on.
  • punkrockgoth
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    I allow myself to eat a little more than usual. By allowing myself to indulge in my period cravings, I'm able to have just a little bit rather than forbidding myself to eat the stuff I crave, feeling tortured and then bingeing on all the things to "rebel". I'm finding that with time, it's getting easier and easier to delay and reduce what I'm craving and eating.
  • midlomel1971
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    I eat something sweet and filling and low calorie like berries.
  • YalithKBK
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    Usually my PMS/cravings are unbearable for only one day. So, for that day, I eat at maintenance. I still plan my food and track my calories, but give myself more calories that one day to handle the munchies.
  • estherdragonbat
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    I crave salt and usually have low-calorie treats on hand like popcorn and veggie dogs. (And string cheese, but even though I'm not normally lactose intolerant, at that TOM my body makes an exception). Sometimes, I'll get veggie straws or pop chips. And portions get weighed and logged before eating; there's no "I'm just going to sit here with a big bag of salt and pepper Skinny Pop". I log 2 cups, I measure 2 cups, I eat them, and if I want more, I log and measure again.

    Exercise helps quite a bit with cramps and I've noticed my cravings have become less intense since I upped my activity, too. Or maybe I'm getting better at not giving in to what my body thinks it wants.
  • kyubeans
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    I try to divorce the food thoughts from what's going on in my body. I used to always think, "Wow, I have cramps, I must eat chocolate." True, the cravings are there, but I used to turn it into this causation thing which excused me from having rational thought about it.

    Now, I tell myself that I have a choice and these cravings are no different from other cravings I've had and ignored.... It doesn't always work, but it helped me to remember there is a rational thought process behind it!
  • scarlett_k
    scarlett_k Posts: 811 Member
    I don't get cravings as such but I get insatiably hungry for a few days so I'm just learning to allow myself to slip up but to slip up better than I would have before i.e. smaller portions and not going too crazy. It's worked out well for me so far.
  • alpear
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    I eat some of my cravings but add an extra hour walk or activity to balance out
  • WickAndArtoo
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    I get extremely hungry the week before, but I also get a huge boost in energy and motivation for some reason. I just eat as much as I want as long as it's healthy foods, and work out super hard. I continue to track my calories but don't worry if I go over. I have always lost weight- permanent pounds, not water weight-after my TOM so it seems to be working for me.
  • gerla_k
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    I usually pop popcorn from kernels in a brown paper bag so there's nothing added and add some salt and olive oil and munch in that really helps me.
  • asianolikeyou
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    I usually allow myself a small treat on the first day then avoid all junk food for the remainder.
  • tumsashrinks
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    You can always get something small and still be within your daily goal. Or split that piece of cake/cup of chips etc. with someone else. I think it's a good rule in general, to still eat foods you like (unless it's all very unhealthy ofc) and have a square of chocolate here or there if otherwise, you feel deprived because it lessens your chances of giving up.

    That said, food is not a painkiller or a hormone fixer, I think the reason behind period cravings is a mix of "I feel bad" and "i love x, eating it will make me feel better", and the way to avoid period cravings it is to figure out what else makes you feel better, maybe it's a slow paced walk and listening to your favorite audiobook, maybe it's dancing around in your living room or painting your nails or browsing the internet for funny Star Wars memes, you need to find other ways how to uplift your mood besides having a treat. May not work all the time, but it helps to break the mindset of craving treats when feeling bad.