Almost 30. We need to be in our best shape by the time we are 30. Who's in!!!!!!!!

I'm turning 30 in 16 months. I want to look fantastic. I hate shopping. I want to fir into the jeans I uses to wear when I was 22. Who's in???????


  • LonerDragon
    LonerDragon Posts: 25 Member
    I just turned 29 last month on the 6th and I want to achieve the same thing. I'm 149 lbs right now but my goal is 130lb. I hope if I could reach my goal before my next birthday that I would go on vacation. So I'm going to need all the motivation I can get. So count me In!
  • curvesfordays8907
    curvesfordays8907 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm in I'll be 30 in 18 months and I have 60 lbs to lose.
  • fit4life_78
    fit4life_78 Posts: 165 Member
    I like it.....nice goal :) thats how I was at I'm doing to same thing as I hit 40, lol ;)
  • krushal8880
    krushal8880 Posts: 80 Member
    Sound great! So ............. TRUE. But, I'm 51............ lol "Don't wait until you get my age" lol
  • zjpq
    zjpq Posts: 198 Member
    Me! 30 next year!
  • kat_princess12
    kat_princess12 Posts: 109 Member
    I turn 30 in 11.5 months and I have 35 lbs to lose! Telling myself I'll get to wear a dress 2 sizes down for my birthday party!
  • kschr201
    kschr201 Posts: 219 Member
    30 in like 6 months...but I think the same way
  • UnicornAmandaPanda
    UnicornAmandaPanda Posts: 161 Member
    yes!! add me!!
  • asteriskthat
    asteriskthat Posts: 73 Member
    Yes! Eighteen months to go for me. I'm shooting to be at goal weight next year, but will continue to recomp and improve my fitness for 30 and beyond.
  • hb177
    hb177 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 28. And have wasted my 20s and teens being obese. I want to make my 30s the best years of my life!
  • lesockie
    lesockie Posts: 79 Member
    Ooooh! Pick me! I have 15 months and would love to be down 30 pounds for the milestone! Add me as a friend if you'd like!
  • MichelleLaree13
    MichelleLaree13 Posts: 865 Member
    I just had my 30th birthday
  • timtam163
    timtam163 Posts: 500 Member
    Yas! I just turned 29 last week. Everyone's getting married around me and I still seem to only date people with low self-esteem. Like attracts like I suppose... I think diet and exercise are just part of a slew of habits I need to change, but I'm tired of apologizing for striving for self-care. And screw it, I want to feel confident in how I look before I'm 30.

    Add me!
  • vmbourg
    vmbourg Posts: 125 Member
    I am 29 and lost 23 lbs. I still have around 30lbs to lose. Feel free to add!
  • notreallychris
    notreallychris Posts: 501 Member
    I'm 33, and currently getting into the best shape of my life. Good luck to you all!
  • justkris_gettingfit
    justkris_gettingfit Posts: 239 Member
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    I'll be turning 29 in Sept, but I've got quite a bit of weight to still lose before I hit 30. I'm already 30 lbs down, 70 to go!
    Feel free to add me if you like :)
  • WickAndArtoo
    WickAndArtoo Posts: 773 Member
    27 and feel the same way already. Ugh I feel like I might as well be thirty!! My goal is definitely to be in better shape at thirty than my entire life, hopefully it will ease my fear of aging!! Feel free to add me.
  • trishanawf
    trishanawf Posts: 2 Member
    Def in! I've been losing & gaining a lot of weight throughout my 20's. Aiming to stay focused and get in better shape than I've ever been while maintaining my goal weight before I hit 30! I'm 27 now w 50lbs to lose! Love the enthusiasm here! Let's all stay focused and work hard to reach our goals!!!
  • thatATLgirl
    thatATLgirl Posts: 60 Member
    Yep I turn 30 in December 2018! Holy crap! Yes let's get the weight off by then!