Finally wore a bikini :)

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So, I've always been really insecure about my body, because of how small I am. I felt like i wasn't 'woman' enough, because of my lack of curves, and my small frame. I would always get comments from others saying that I was anorexic, or if ate, etc. And even though i'm a healthy girl, those comments still got to me. I refrained from really wearing anything revealing because I just felt like I wasn't woman enough to wear them I guess. But this year, I vowed to buy a bikini and wear it to the beach. I also started going to the gym, and it really helped me with my confidence.
I know this post doesn't really have a point haha, I just wanted to let anyone know that if they're insecure about their body, it's okay to challenge yourself and step out of the box!
Have a nice day :)



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    You look to be very healthy and feminine. Wear that bikini with pride!
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    You look great!
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    That's great! Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone. You look spectacular, by the way.
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    I'd love to have your body, I'm overly curvy! You look fantastic. Confidence is key! Glad you found yours.
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    db121215 wrote: »
    I'd love to have your body, I'm overly curvy! You look fantastic. Confidence is key! Glad you found yours.

    Thank you! I'm sure you look amazing!
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    And thank you to everyone else's support! I appreciate it :)
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    Looks great!
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    You look fabulous, girl! For someone like myself, who feels overly curvy, your body gives me envy. Wear that bikini with pride, and be happy about it!
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    You guys are too sweet! I do have a question though, what body shape do you think I have? and also, what abs routine that could help me maintain that shape? I actually heard that ab exercises can make a woman look boxy? is that true?
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    TL;DR - there will always be someone who wants to rain on your parade.

    When I was in school I was bullied at lot, and was called chicken legs, told I look like a 12 year old boy, called beanpole, an ironing board, etc. I was always told they'll eventually grow up. HA! Grown women are even worse. Before I started having thyroid problems, I was still thin as always, even after having my little girl. Then I would get comments from other women, ALWAYS in the privacy of a fitting room, to the tune of this "real women have curves", "men don't want the bone" and similar comments. Before I knew I had thyroid issues, I started slowly gaining weight. I couldn't figure out why, and no amount of diet or exercise would shed more than 5 lbs. At most, I was up a little over 25 lbs. I stopped wearing my favorite clothing because I'd get looks and realized it didn't really compliment me anymore. I went through a complicated miscarriage, and when I was getting worse instead or better, they kept running tests and finally found the thyroid cancer. I'm still dealing with some symptoms, and may for life, primarily chronic pain and fatigue. I was nearly bedridden for a year with debilitating fatigue, and now I have a desk job. I want a 2nd child, but need to take my health back before we try that again. And now, I can't tell you how often people criticize me for wanting to eat better and work out! I've been told I don't have the right to talk about losing weight because I'm not a large girl. My mother is overweight, but not severely, and it has already given her health issues that are all genetic but possibly preventable. Ive got enough as is, so I want to get back to my old self before I regret not trying sooner. But i got comments and looks when I was thin, when I carried a little extra, and even when I try to do something about it. All I've learned through all of this is that no matter WHAT you do,or what you look like, there will be someone there to try and make you feel bad about it. So the heck with all of them! You look freaking awesome, and all that matters is that YOU like you.
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    ....and rocked it!
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    @JadeQuetzal Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that I pray that you'll reach all of your goals! You're very right and honestly, all of those people who made those comments towards you probably were jealous. You seem like a beautiful soul, inside and out. <3
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    looks good. :)
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    You look amazing. Go out there and rock that bikini. Enjoy your summer.
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    I think you have a beautiful figure. Way to rock that bikini!
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    You look great way to go on the confidence.

    It's tough eh but hey none of us should be afraid to strut our stuff in a bikini.
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    The most attractive qualities are confidence and kindness. From reading your post, it looks like you have an abundance of both. Congrats on pushing your comfort zone and wearing that bikini!
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    You look fab
  • ndwndw
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    I swear you guys are literally the sweetest people on earth! Thank you so much <3