I'm Ready!

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I never thought in a million years that I'd still be this big and unhealthy at the age of 27. I remember telling myself at 19 that I would NEVER allow myself to be over 240lbs, but I reached my highest weight this year, 260lbs. I couldn't believe it. After anxiety and panic for over 3 months resulted in a 30lb weight loss, I've decided to start this weight loss transformation. I'm done. I can't be this unhealthy anymore mentally and physically. I'm eager to meet a happy and healthy Amanda.


  • sophie9492015
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    Awesome stuff im the same! Im normally about 65 kg (143lbs). I felt awful when i reached 70kg once and lost the weight probably 2 years ago. And now I am 74 kg(163lbs). Really want to get back to 65kg i feel like none of my clothes loook good and it sucks.
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    I know how you feel I told myself for years that I would never let my weight get this bad. It took seeing a number on the scale that I was truly ashamed of to finally make a change. It's a struggle but the results will be well worth it.
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    I feel exactly the same. I'm the biggest I've ever been and I am mortified!! We can do this! X
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    Hell yeah we can! go team healthy ! Lol :)
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    Sounds like we're all ready for our transformations.Let's do this!
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    You are all awesome, you can do it. Go go GO
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    Keto is the answer