I thought my life ruining binge habits were behind me. Looks like i was wrong and i'm freaking out



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    You could try fasting. It might work and there is nothing wrong with it.
    But as you know, usually these things are not about food.
    They're about mind/spirit/emotions more than they are about food -- at least for me.
    I wish you well. Be kind and loving towards yourself. :heart:
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    Happens to me too my man. I really think it's just going to be a gradual unlearning of the habit. Food is connected with stress for you and I so the best we can do is try to eliminate stress and let the connection slowly disipate. Sometimes I go a long time without a binge but it eventually comes back. Just keep going!
    Does that help at all?

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  • RodaRose
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    Here is a group that does 5:2 -- eat at maintenance five days a week. The other two days they eat one meal of about 500 calories.
    Another set of people do various versions of 18:6 -- eat nothing for 18 hours of the day and get all their calories in during a 6 hour period.
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    I haven't read the other replies, but all I was thinking reading this was...maybe some therapy would be helpful? It sounds like you're depressed. Bingeing is a symptom of something deeper, and it very well may continue to happen unless you get a handle on the driving force behind it.

    I used to be a binge eater (flirting with purging at times), and it wasn't until I got some counseling that I was able to get myself straight. That's not to say I still don't struggle at times, and yes...there are days when I do some serious overeating like we all do, but those days of true binges are over.

    Wishing you the best.
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    Please read "Brain over binge" it will open your eyes ;)
    It's the only thing that's helping me to leave the binges behind...