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When your boyfriend thinks youre too fat...



  • Rebecca0224
    Rebecca0224 Posts: 810 Member
    You lost 100+lbs of *kitten* great job. Now focus on you and be kind to yourself. I was with someone who cheated and we would break up and get back together because I thought he cheated because I wasn't good enough. I was wrong, people cheat because they want to not because of their significant other. If he thought you were to fat and unattractive he would have broken up with you, he was selfish and wanted to have you at home and still play around that's not your fault. Good luck
  • Sheisinlove109
    Sheisinlove109 Posts: 516 Member
    Please seek professional help. Typing those words is serious.

    Then, thank him for doing you a favor.
  • p0werGurl
    p0werGurl Posts: 2 Member
    Cheating. There are people who
    can stand it and people who can't. I can't. Being heartbroken is reasonable: what a horrible betrayal. Tell him you solved his problem: you're no longer interested in him. You can lose the weight, but he'll always be a cheater.
  • threecharms
    threecharms Posts: 36 Member
    Hallelujah!! You lucky girl!!

    He's out of your life. Phew!! There are some out there whose bf/gf are STILL cheating on them.... RIGHT NOW, in fact... and those pie poor people are living a lie and don't even know it.

    Thank God for your fat which saved you from a life with an *kitten*. Now you can thank the fat for its role in your life and send it on its merry way... thank you and bye bye, fat!
  • Therealobi1
    Therealobi1 Posts: 3,262 Member
    I wish you and you mum all the best
    dont worry about the ex and it wasnt because of your weight
    there are plenty of people who are large who are in relationships.
    take care
  • skellymama1
    skellymama1 Posts: 83 Member
    So this tops everything off.. Mom went into the hospital car has a blown head gasket and found out my boyfriend is cheating on me because he finds me unattractive because I'm too fat. My heart is broken and i feel *kitten* horrible my whole world is gone and now im more stressed than ever. I want to die. *kitten* losing weight anymore. Ive done lost everything i can. Im too fat. Ill never lose weight. I want to die.

    Shouldn't that be Ex boyfriend?
    Seriously kick him to the kerb. A cheater is a cheater, nothing to do with you, your weight or size. So that puts that to bed.
    So your mom is in the hospital, hopefully she'll get well again. Your car needs repair, these are everyday normal life things that people deal with.
    So enough of the pity party, deep breath, pick yourself up, stop using day to day life stressors as an excuse to stay fat and unhealthy if its making you feel so bad about yourself.
    You need to take your control back, life happens, every single day. But only you can make you happy. Have a good cry, but start looking at the positives here.
    Now your not dating a low life cheater you are free to meet a great kind caring guy who appreciates you.
    Your car can be fixed, but its a great excuse to start walking more.
    Hopefully nothing to serious with your moms health but its a reminder how lucky you are to be in the position to do something about your weight and fitness.
    Pick yourself up girl, enough with the poor me.
    You can do this!
  • MFPSK1977
    MFPSK1977 Posts: 31 Member
    I hope your mom is okay.
  • Whitezombiegirl
    Whitezombiegirl Posts: 1,042 Member
    My opinion is not going to be popular but ill give it anyway.

    I think people are entitled to have preferences about what they find attractive and they are entitled to decline sexual intimacy with someone they no longer find attractive. I dont think this is shallow, its natural. This may not mean that they dont still have loving feelings towards the partner. Being without sex can be immensely frustrating and lead to a person cheating in order to get thier needs met without (hopefully) affecting the primary relationship.

    So the loss of attraction and sexual desire is not my issue. I take issue with the lack of communication and betrayal of trust.

    In a mature relationship these issues should have been addressed in a rational way- but this takes emotional intelligence. Its difficult. Ive been there myself recently. I didnt handle it as well as i might but i did avoid cheating.

    The only advice i can give is to accept the situation, that its not your fault and try to move on. You dont need to lose body fat if you are happy with yourself. There are people who are attracted to different body types, and there will be someone who will value you- if and when you are ready for it.
  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    Cheaters cheat because they are cheaters. They tell you it is because you are too thin , or fat, or prudish, or old, or emotionally unavailable, or tall, or short or whatever they know you are insecure about because they know that you hate that about yourself and will allow them to shift blame to you for their choices. If you want to lose weight because it will make you happier and healthier for YOU then great. If you like you the way you are, then fuckem' and find someone who is attracted to you as you are and as you are happy with you. Your choices are yours, his are his. Own yours and let him own his.