Preworkout drinks for women!!

Hi everyone, I am trying to loose weight after pregnancy. My son is 20 months old now and I am working 40 hrs. I go to gym at night but usually i am very tied by that time. Have someone tried any preworkout drinks for energy?


  • Amyfinch0
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    I like to make a shake out of:

    1/2 banana
    1 cup iced coffee
    1/2 (or full) cup soy milk

    The banana and coffee will give you energy. The caffine will also help you burn more calories.

    I like to also make it into a post-workout shake by adding a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder.
  • bogwoppt1
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    I just eat food.
  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    I would not drink anything with caffeine if you work out at night. Caffeine lasts for hours and can harm deep sleep.
    I like the "just eat food" answer. You could be lacking sleep.
  • 2DUNNY
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    i do intermittent fasting so i do not eat after dinner at night, and fast all the way until after my work-out the following day (18 hours) - before i work-out, i use BPI sports grape BCAA mixed with water. HTH :smile:
  • Goober1142
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    Sounds like you need carbs. Maybe a banana?