Any one 5'2 with before and after weight loss pictures/stories? I would love some motivation!!!



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    wow! you are amazing!
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    Good Morning......I'm 5'2 and at my heaviest I was 148lb. 21/2 years ago I jumped on the Beach Body 21 Day fix program and had great success. I got down to 122lb. I maintained this for over a year, but then some pretty hard life events happened and the next thing I know I'm back up to 146. Like I mentioned before, I had great success with the 21 Day Fix program, but I was working out 6 days a week. Working a full time job as a cake decorator and then running a home based Decorated Sugar Cookie business plus taking care of my family (side note.....if I can do this being around sweets all day you can do this! lol) Anyway.....after being introduce by a friend to the Ketogenic Diet I did research and have been doing it for 2 weeks now and I have dropped 6lbs so far without even working out. Basically it is a low carb, moderate protein and high fat way of eating. It went against a lot of the ways I have known to be correct in the past so it was a little hard getting use to. I found lots of information on You Tube and Pinterest about the Keto Diet. A lot of benefits to it. MFP is a great tool because you have to track your macros and this app is great for that. The pictures attached are my before and after........from my first weight loss. I will post my before and after's since on the Keto Diet once I get a full month in. l7dvsdlujk8t.jpg

    I have started incorporating running 2 days a week back into my weekly routine and a third day of a workout video along with 10 minute ab workout almost every day. Shall see how this goes.
    Good luck to everyone on their journey....I'm very inspired by the post that have come before mine.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Brava! I'm on keto too. How can you be around sugar all day and still do it, idk! Brava! Congratulations that's major willpower.
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    5'3" here.

    It's been a long journey for me.

    Starting weight 198 (size 16-18)
    Lowest weight 134 (size 4)
    Got pregnant ended at 210
    Today 143 (size 4-6)

    gW-124. Determined to make it this time. Baby weight doesn't want to come off easily (I'm still nursing). I got a food scale and it's been life changing.

    Great job momma, boob on!!!
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    My lowest weight was 105, My highest is my current weight 145. My goal weight is 130. Looking forward to joining all of the successes I see here. I am 5'2.
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    Inspiring to say the least. Great jobs ladies. All of you have made tremendous progress.
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    Keep em coming 5'2 here and just starting, these stories and pics keep me totally focused and motivated!
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    Everyone is so inspiring here! I started two weeks ago at 250 (I am 5'3"). My beginning goal is to get under 200 as a start! Anyone feel free to add me!
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    So inspiring! Congrats y'all. I gained the 20 pounds it took me 9 months to lose, in 2016. But what the heck here I am one more time and I love this thread, cheers!