Any brides-to-be?

Hey :smile:

I'm getting married 10/20/18 and am looking to lose 30+ pounds before then. I've lost 40 previously but I fell off the MFP wagon, started a job where there's food all. the. time. and 15 pounds came back. Boo.

So now I'm back, started barre lessons this week that are kicking my butt, and looking for others shredding for the wedding (and beyond!).


  • eastmjones
    eastmjones Posts: 1 Member
    I'm getting married in September. I started thinking about my fitness and dress size in March. I was working out pretty consistently, but with all of my life changes in preparation for marriage (moving 3 hours away, quitting my job, etc.) I fell off. Best of luck with your goal!
  • seashellybob
    seashellybob Posts: 32 Member
    Getting married April 2018! Realizing that a wedding was happening where I wanted to look and feel amazing (and have gorgeous photos forever) finally kicked me in the butt to do something about my weight.
    Goals are just to lose between now and then, stay within my daily calories to lose a lb a week, small workouts and more walk/rubs. We can do It!
    Another bride to be here to support y'all!
  • angel5392
    angel5392 Posts: 39 Member
    I am engaged but not getting marriaged until 2020 or 2021 due to complications
  • cripics
    cripics Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! Getting married in September 2018 and need to lose between 10-15 kg, which works out to be 30ish pounds too! How many calories are you aiming per day?
    I am not in an exercise routine: ( so difficult! Have you already found your wedding dress to keep as a target or waiting to lose the weight before committing to one?
  • jenovatrix
    jenovatrix Posts: 219 Member
    I'm shooting for 1300 a day (I'm short). Don't have a dress yet but I have been looking at different styles online and I'm going to a bridal show tomorrow.
  • seashellybob
    seashellybob Posts: 32 Member
    I'm eating 1800 and I'm tall! I don't want to restrict myself lower because I'm finally getting the hang of this is how much I should eat in a day (versus eating whatever I feel like).

    Haven't bought a dress either and am a little hesitant about it. Buy it smaller? Buy it snug and then get it altered when the weight comes off?
  • suzihbe
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    I'm getting married on October 21st this year! When I bought my dress, I weighed 154 and then went through a lot of life changes (changing jobs unexpectedly and universities, both resulting in stress and very long commutes). In April I weighed 165 and couldn't fit into my beautiful dress. I am back down to 149-151, and my goal is 145 by my wedding.

    I'm doing a transformer DietBet that ends the week before my wedding, I walk 4-6 days a week for at least 30 minutes, and I am counting calories, 1200-1400 a day while. Before getting engaged, I lost 60+ pounds, going from 208 to 142 at my smallest.