Happy Birthday to Me!!!

anave285 Posts: 67 Member
Could there be a better way to wake up on your birthday than to get on the scale and it reflect a loss? (Maybe a man jumping out of a decadent cake :love: ) That just shows me that 36 is my year. My year for health, my year for love, and my year for my dreams to become reality. I'm only at a 9.4 lb weight loss and compared to many of you it's just a drop in the bucket. I still have about 50 more to go but the thing is, it's just not HARD. I love it. All I have to do is be mindful of my calories. How easy is that? Why was I never told this? To weigh this much, you need to eat this much. Plain and simple.


  • dls06
    dls06 Posts: 6,774 Member
    NO< NO<NO Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day.
  • Krae79
    Krae79 Posts: 49
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thats great!! :flowerforyou:
  • sveltelady
    sveltelady Posts: 33 Member
    Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday to Ya!!!! and good job on the weight loss
  • Happy Birthday!!!! Hey we are both at a 4 lb loss today! YAY to us!! Have a great day!
  • sveltelady
    sveltelady Posts: 33 Member
    Happy Birthday!! just checking for my ticker
  • JeffGDDG
    JeffGDDG Posts: 252 Member
    Happy birthday!!!!
  • MissTomGettingThin
    MissTomGettingThin Posts: 776 Member
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu! :flowerforyou:
  • theaterfan23
    theaterfan23 Posts: 256 Member
    What a wonderful birthday present!! Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marshalemar
    marshalemar Posts: 106
    Happy Birthday.
  • dnlg18652
    dnlg18652 Posts: 27
    May 36 be the best year of your life because you made it so. Congrats on the weight loss.:wink:
  • Cherese1983
    Cherese1983 Posts: 211 Member
    Happy birthday!!!
  • rwd5046
    rwd5046 Posts: 302
    Happy Birthday, and yes that's a great way to start your day. Have a wonderful day.
  • skschuler
    skschuler Posts: 181 Member
    Happy Birthday! I can't think of a better way to start the day!

    Todays goal is to think only of happy things, to enjoy the nice day, to celebrate being alive, to know there are many of us challenged with the things you have to face. This forum is wonderful to help us all move forward.

    Enjoy the day, enjoy your success and remember to smile at least at 12 strangers to see if they smile back.

    Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday!!!!
  • Happy Birthday!!
  • ladybg81
    ladybg81 Posts: 1,553 Member
    First off, HAPPY BDAY!!!

    Second, this really is easy isn't it. If I would have known it was this easy, I would have started immediately after I had my son instead of hating myself for 2.5 years.
  • coultesr
    coultesr Posts: 51 Member
    Happy Birthday!!! I too, totally had that same shocking revalation too. Geez... Imagine all the wasted years I spend just ignorant to this simple and natural concept. I love your attitude of instead of regret (look what I could have) to looking towards the future (Look at the great things to come).

    I hope this is just the start of all the great and wonderful years to come!!!
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