What time do you workout?

What time do you prefer to workout and why? I normally finish work by 7 pm but with some new meds I 've been taking I sometimes fall asleep by 9pm.I work 7-7 and off on weekends.
How many of you workout early morning and how do you motivate yourself ?


  • janejellyroll
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    I exercise right after I wake up, usually around 5:30-6 AM. I motivate myself to do this because I prefer spending my late afternoon/evening with my husband and dogs instead of fitting in a workout. I used to work out after work, but I prefer to spend that time doing other things.
  • SCoil123
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    I attend a women's weightlifting and boxing class 5-7pm 3 days a week and go to the gym for cardio on my lunch break the two days I work from home and don't have class. I just couldn't get into the early morning thing so I found a schedule that works for me
  • laurenebargar
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    My workout is typically a hike, or a long walk and this is also the time I get to spend with my husband and our dog. So I get home from work around 5:30, change and were out of the house by 6, and then we dont get home until around 8 most nights. I've tried getting up in the morning, and maybe one day I will be there, but Im getting less than 8 of sleep as it is now, so its not in the cards for me right now.
  • SmithsonianEmpress
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    EARLY morning...I'd rather save the evenings for family time. It makes life easier. I don't always have it this way but most days I do. The occasional late night work does happen for me though. And that's ok too.
  • cwolfman13
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    I ride in the early AM a few days during the work week...I enjoy riding, so I don't really need a whole lot of motivation. A sunrise ride is a beautiful thing.

    I lift on Tuesday evening after work...it's one day out of the week...I can deal. I also usually lift on Sunday mid morning...not a big deal, nothing else really going on...

    Weekends are for longer rides, lifting on Sunday, and trips to the rock climbing gym or hiking in the mountains. Given my limited available time during the week, I make the most out of my weekends in regards to being active...
  • nycstems
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    I do a calisthenics workout 3 to 5 times a week right after taking a cup of coffee in the morning around 4:20AM for about 40 minutes to an hour. The coffee helps motivate me immediately but my longterm motivation is being lighter and more agile on my feet and in my body overall because I'm on my feet a lot at work. Also, on the weekends, I jog 3.5 miles. And when the weekday is not to crazy I get in a light jog (2 to 3 miles) once but rarely twice.
  • court_alacarte
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    I'm trying out exercising during my lunch break. My office building has a decent-sized gym and since my work caters in lunch every day (work for an accounting firm, it's the second-wave of busy seasons), it works well for me when I want to avoid eating something that will completely throw me off track for the day.

    Otherwise, I usually try to fit it in after work! I like sleep...
  • princessmica
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    I have to get in workouts early in the morning. My alarm is set for 5:00a and I'm doing a workout video by 5:10a. For me, if I don't get it in before my day gets started, I push it off or find an excuse.
  • Seffell
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    I wake up around 10am. Drink my protein shake. Head to the gym. Workout between 11am and 1pm. I'm used to this and not doing it means I'd feel awkwardly. So no need for motivation. It is just a habit.
  • Javagal2778
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    I get to the gym by 6am for a half hour of cardio then 25 minutes of small group training. It took some getting used to as I am NOT a morning person but I really like the extra calories I get to eat! :)
  • passenger79
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    Thanks everyone
  • Rosemary7391
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    I literally get up, get ready to go running and run before I've woken up enough to talk myself out of it (including before I look outside at the weather, as that provides a plausible excuse far too often!). Setting everything out ready the night before helps; I practically trip over my trainers on my way to turn off the alarm.
  • Tacklewasher
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    Local Y opens at 5:30 am and I'm in the lineup of people waiting to get in. But just been doing that for 2 weeks so far.

    When I was just doing the treadmill in the basement, I'd be on it by 5:15. I've just beat the crap out of the poor thing and want to do more than run.
  • mabearof6
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    Prefer mornings, but it is usually wherever I can fit it in.
  • capaul42
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    Best time for me is 8pm for my strong curves workout. Walks I do with the family usually 6pm after dinner.
  • Spliner1969
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    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I get up at 4:45am, drink a pre-workout and start working out by 5:30am at the latest. I work out until 7am, jump in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work by 8. Saturday and Sunday I sleep in a couple of extra hours then hit it as early as I can. I found it you get it over early it's easier not to put it off for other things. When I tried working out at night the family always needed something, or I would have to work late, or I'd eat a heavy dinner, and wouldn't want to work out. There were 10,000 reasons to not be consistent. With mornings I get it done consistently.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    I wake up and get ready to run on autopilot. I'm usually out the door or on my treadmill by 6:15 or 6:30 at the latest.

    Strength training happens after I fix my kids lunch. I do that three times a week.
  • maric771
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    Before I retired I worked out after work. I purposely joined a gym that I had to walk past to get to the bus. I also kept a second set of exercise clothes at work so I wouldn't have the excuse of not bringing my work out stuff.
  • kbmnurse
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    I prefer early AM. If I do not work out in the AM I will make every excuse not to get-r-done.
  • kgb6days
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    I prefer working out/running early AM, then I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. I work M-F 0730-1600. I get up at 0420 and go to the gym, back home at 0600 to shower and cook breakfast . I do have to go to bed really early (no later than 9pm). Its about all that works for me