I know this is nothing related to fitness but I have no one tot all to about this. I took a pregnancy test this morning and am I crazy or do I see a very very very faint second line?? Please help I'm so scared


  • AJ_G
    AJ_G Posts: 4,158 Member
    Pretty sure that's just a piece of cardboard with a red line on it...
  • ContraryMaryMary
    ContraryMaryMary Posts: 1,576 Member
    Hmm, I can't see it. Try again tomorrow.
  • Archcurl
    Archcurl Posts: 239 Member
    Try again in the morning.
  • mskimee
    mskimee Posts: 228 Member
    Umm, that's not a pregnancy test.... :|
  • yanabug99
    yanabug99 Posts: 3 Member
    Yes it is. I tweaked it because I wasn't sure if I was seeing a super super faint second line. And I do see it
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
    4legsRbetterthan2 Posts: 19,575 MFP Moderator
    If you are unsure then retake the test after a couple days. If you have the hormones it will be pretty obviously positive. I would consider that a negative for the time being.
  • fit_finesse92
    fit_finesse92 Posts: 478 Member
    i see a very faint line but i would retest in the morning.
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    If you don't have a baby by May next year, it was negative.