Is this a more strength training form of working out? Will I see results if I do it for an hour let's say 3 times a week?


  • Titanuim
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    It will strengthen your core but it won't lead to hypertrophy (big muscles) like weightlifting will. You would see improvements to overall well being and flexibility so it is worthwhile to do, it just depends on what results you were hoping for.
  • kimothy38
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    I do 2 pilates classes a week as well as weights and cardio. I totally recommend it. Pilates improves mobility and flexibility whilst weights helps with strength to do pilates. Very complementary.
  • jdscrubs32
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    I'll second what @kimothy38 and @Titanuim said. While it wont lead to big muscles, it is very complementary to weight lifting and running if you do that. Has improved my mobility, flexibility and has reduced the niggles I used to get especially in my lower back.
  • LKArgh
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    It will increase strength, it will not lead to huge muscles. But, a good pilates class can have impressive results in strnegth
  • fitoverfortymom
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    I'm going to take a pilates reformer class this fall/winter because I have a super week core and want to increase flexibility. I have wicked problems in my lower back/weak hips, and I'm hoping pilates will somewhat serve as physical therapy to improve this.
  • labblb86
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    I agree with what others posted. I do Pilates 2x/week (reformer private session & class session), strength training and cardio. All works hand in hand!!
  • maricris823
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    Best! You can make it as hard as you like. It never gets easier, your form just gets better. You will him muscles that would be otherwise difficult in the gym. I go 3-4x a week and in 4 months have gotten soooo much stronger. If you compliment weight training, 2x a week will do. Warch the form, and go slow. Promise your *kitten* will get kicked! (A good instructor makes a big difference too! I they aren't helping you with form, find another.)
  • minniestar55
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    I've done Stott Pilates reformer weekly for about 5 years; my backaches are a thing of the past. I'm overall stronger, more flexible, have a much stronger core, balance is much better. I also do other stuff...cardio, bootcamp, some kettlercise, but Pilates has really helped me.
  • asianolikeyou
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    Pilates are great when done in conjunction with weight training, it'll improve your balance, flexibility, and endurance
  • moogie_fit
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    Great for core and posture, keeping strength as you age. But I honestly took a few classes (they may have been not the same intensity as you are looking at) and found it too easy, not challenging. I preferred yoga, and much prefer strength training. But any activity is good, just not worth my money.
  • danaoira
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    Classocal Pilates Reformer is great and very challenging, not to mention beautiful! Kirk Smith's videos are my inspiration. He is around 55 years old and extremely fit.

    Pilates has helped me manage my neck arthritis.

    Even after doing mat Pilates for 10 years and Reformer for 1 year I'm only able to do the exercises in this video. There are advanced and super advanced routines that are very difficult and better to learn with a certified Classical Pilates instructor.