any VEGAN/Vegetarian people here? Need ideas for protein!

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I recently decided to make a dietary shift towards more plant based diets in hopes to transition into a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Recently, I am struggling to find adequate sources of protein but I know there are several foods loaded with this muscle building nutrient.

I was hoping to hear your stories/ideas of what you like to eat in terms of meeting "daily protein requirements" on a vegan or vegetarian based diet, because right now. I am falling way short of my required ammount.



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    Would a whey protein powder be something you could still take? Careful with vegetarian powders, some, like the pea proteins are tough to get used to.
    I am sure you already know about tofu, beans and nuts.
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    Chickpeas and Black Beans are high in protein. You can get vegan protein powder just stay away from whey as it's milk derived. Here is a link I found that may be helpful, a lot of this stuff is easy to add in smoothies or in salads :smile:
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    I'm vegan -- I get most of my protein from beans, seitan, tempeh, tofu, and grains. Sometimes I'll have a protein shake (usually hemp or pea protein).

    I do not recommend nuts as a major source of protein for vegans who are restricting calories (not sure if you are), because it's virtually impossible to eat enough to get significant protein and stay within your calorie goals. They're usually best considered as a good source of fat for us.
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    Seitan is the best for protein!

    I also recommend Primal Strips and the vegan Quorn naked cutlets as good protein sources. :)
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    highly recommend you check this out:
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    Would a whey protein powder be something you could still take? Careful with vegetarian powders, some, like the pea proteins are tough to get used to.
    I am sure you already know about tofu, beans and nuts.

    Whey wouldn't be vegan if the OP wanted to become vegan/plant based.

    OP, for protein powders there are many vegan options (pea, hemp, soy, etc.) that you could use. I get more than enough protein from plant sources. I use tofu often, I make my own seitan (if you have celiac you wouldn't be able to have seitan), there is also quinoa, beans, edamame, nuts and nut butters etc. which are all great sources of protein.
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    Take a trip through the natural foods and/or vegetarian sections of your local grocery store. There are literally hundreds of vegetarian and vegan products available in most grocery stores these days. Almond or cashew milk, soy yogurts and tofu ice creams, soy and bean burgers, soy and korn meat substitutes, nut butters, sprouted grain breads and muffins, etc., etc. I've even seen "no fish" canned tuna next to the regular tuna in my store. I usually eat a sprouted grain muffin with peanut butter for breakfast, a soy burger with my lunch and some type of soy meat substitute with my dinner and I usually meet my goal for protein each day. It's a lot of trial and error. Try something and if you don't like it, try something else. I must have tried 10 different brands of soy milk before I found one that I liked. Same with soy meat just have to try different ones to see which ones you like.
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    So whey protein is not vegetarian?
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    I'm a pescatarian, so I do still eat fish/shellfish, but I lean more toward a primarily vegetarian diet. I like Morningstar products (veggie sausage links and bacon), veggie burgers (black bean based), tofu dishes, Vega One All in One powder for my protein shakes (vegan), and more! There are really lots of options!

    Other posters are correct in that whey protein is not vegan as whey is derived from cow's milk components.

    Good luck!
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    My daughter uses the "oh she glows" cookbook. Lots of ideas in it. Quinoa stuffed pepper with beans and veggies are good. Also the tempeh pulled pork over nachos was good. The veggie cheese homemade from that cookbook is good. We used it over the nachos! My daughter also makes a large batch of homemade black bean burgers and freezes them and uses as need! Pinterest has a ton of ideas to. Good luck!
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    I got some raw pumpkin seed and chia seed protein powder. Those are the only two ingredients. That's pretty awesome, easy to mix with milk on cereal or sprinkle in stuff. Gives a light nutty flavour and is full of omega 3. Very filling too!

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    You don't need complete protein. Just amino acids that your body cannot synthesize.
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    Whey isn't always vegetarian. It's a byproduct of cheese making, so it depends whether rennet was used..
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    So whey protein is not vegetarian?

    YES whey protein is NOT vegan friendly it has casein or something like that which is derived from cows.

    Thank you guys so much for all your insights! Definitely getting more beans now I found pinto beans have 15 grams of protein for 250 ml!!!

    I am also going to buy a pea protein on my next paycheck
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    Target sells a line of vegan (pea...I think) protein called Olly. Reasonably priced, and does not contain hemp, if you're concerned about drug testing. Other than that, like others have said, tofu, tempe, and seitan based protein is good