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Protein powder virgin

maggie2092maggie2092 Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member

I've never used protein powder, but am looking to start using it to help supplement my protein intake. Also, plan to use it for the protein cheesecake posted on here. I've done some research, ON brand seems to be the favourite.

What are your favourite flavors? Any other uses for protein powder? I'd love to hear some ideas.


  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,592 Member Member Posts: 7,592 Member
    I like Quest (salted caramel)and PEScience (Snicker doodle is the only flavor I've tried.) I mostly use it for coffee smoothie/shakes for breakfast and to make fluff for dessert.
  • Sp1tfireSp1tfire Member Posts: 1,120 Member Member Posts: 1,120 Member
    I like GNC's brand of natural whey sweetened with stevia! A good size tub of it in many flavors is always around 20$.
  • lisa2113940lisa2113940 Member Posts: 21 Member Member Posts: 21 Member
    Something I just discovered: mixing it with plain soymilk instead of water makes it taste A LOT better! It adds some protein, as well. I'd recommend it if you have the extra calories to spare.
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  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Member Posts: 10,183 Member Member Posts: 10,183 Member
  • beckycummingbeckycumming Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    I go to the Bulk Barn and buy the Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate! It's very tasty and has good macros. They also have vanilla and hemp protein there. If you're new to the powder world it might also be a good place to start, as you can try different kinds in small amounts without dropping $40-60 on a type you might hate!
  • timslatimsla Member Posts: 174 Member Member Posts: 174 Member
    Dymatize ISO 100 regular vanilla. Drinkable and bakeable
  • VeronicaA76VeronicaA76 Member Posts: 1,116 Member Member Posts: 1,116 Member
    SAN RawFusion in Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • bbell1985bbell1985 Member Posts: 4,582 Member Member Posts: 4,582 Member
    ON is okay. It's pretty standard. I like PEScience snickerdoodle and all time favorite is BSN peanut butter cookie (it has a bit more fat in it, probably why it tastes bomb).

    Just put it in things. Don't overthink it. I love it mixed in greek yogurt.
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