198 days; minus 72lbs (photos included)



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    Awesome progress!☺
    I have lost 9lb in the past week and I am looking to lose 58lb more.For the first time ever I think a am really going to lose this weight and be able to do so much more and enjoy life more and
    all the positive comments and people in this community really help.
  • CapnVillainBLK
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    Great seeing success stories, even though you say you have more weight to lose.
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    What an inspiration you are! Congratulations on your success!!!
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    Wow! You look great! Looks like another person. Keep up the great work.
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    Bravo! Well done, you look amazing!!
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    Thanks for posting! Fantastic job!
  • slimjimdavina
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    You are looking AMAZING and you are doing FANTASTICALLY well.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very inspiring x
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    Thank you all for the lovely comments. It is much appreciated.
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    Not only do you look amazing, your recommendation to listen to your body is awesome. Congrats!
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    Drop Dead Gorgeous! Congrats!
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    ^^ Exactly, what above poster said!!
  • JoJosAnatomymfp
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    Thank you everyone. All the best on your own journeys.
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    You look amazing, well done you should be really proud of yourself. x
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    I have just decided to start (again) on MFP and this post was just what I needed to see.
    January 27th was not that long ago for such a great change.

    You are beautiful and I am inspired - thank you!
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    Congratulations!!! Total inspiration.