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how did you decide on your goal weight?

And for those who have gotten there did you change it once you hit it?


  • JeromeBarry1
    JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,179 Member
    I chose my goal in a quite arbitrary fashion, as I had never been slim and didn't know what I should weigh. I'm still not there yet and I'm still trying to get there.
  • lalepepper
    lalepepper Posts: 447 Member
    edited August 2017
    I have set my goal for the upper end of "normal" BMI and plan to adjust as needed once I get there. 183 is top end of normal for my height and my initial goal is 180 - I have been as low as 193 and could have stood to lose more at that point.
  • Lillymoo01
    Lillymoo01 Posts: 2,865 Member
    I started off at the top end of my BMI as my goal weight and once there decided on a figure which was the middle of my BMI and the weight I was at 18. Never thought I would get that low again but I managed it.
  • rmgnow
    rmgnow Posts: 375 Member
    Wanted to get from an overweight BMI to the normal. Then after I got to normal, wanted to get to an ideal weight for my height and age.
  • MsMichelle2112
    MsMichelle2112 Posts: 25 Member
    I chose mine to get back to when I first got engaged - I was fit and liked the way I look. According to BMI, that's overweight, so I will re-assess when I hit it, but for now that is the target.

    When I was extremely sick for 4 months and hadn't really eaten in that time (not an eating disorder, just too sick and couldn't eat much without astounding pain until my operation), I was very slim. However, I was only a couple of kilos off my upper healthy range, so I don't necessarily put all my eggs in the BMI basket.
  • mandy220750
    mandy220750 Posts: 65 Member
    rmgnow wrote: »
    Wanted to get from an overweight BMI to the normal. Then after I got to normal, wanted to get to an ideal weight for my height and age.

    Me too once I get into normal BMI I will decide on the ideal weight for me

  • narspips
    narspips Posts: 48 Member
    I'm 5'3" and I started at 11 stone (154 lbs). 9 stone (126 lbs) isn't the lightest I've ever been, but I still haven't been south of 10 stone in years. So a nice 2-stone loss seemed like a good place to start.

    I suspect I will be wanting to lose more after that, maybe down to 115 lbs if I'm disciplined enough. But 126 lbs is a good initial goal for me to try and get to, to see how it looks on me. Honestly, at this point I'm excited just to even get that far :)
  • bosanbo
    bosanbo Posts: 2 Member
    I used to be very active and weighed "more" despite being a very different shape and size. My goal right now is to lose what I consider some actual extra weight (due to injury/inactivity), then focus on moving back up in the form of gains/muscle.

    Honestly, I look at pictures of my face. :/ I gain weight right under my chin, so... yeah. Very charming. It's pretty clear to me when I'm not where I want to be!
  • VeggieBarbells
    VeggieBarbells Posts: 175 Member
    I don't have a goal weight, but I defo have a goal look n' feel. Once I have those, then whatever the scale says I stay within a range of few pounds either way. Personally I think a goal weight adds a lot of stress to your life and is short sighted.

    I know when I feel good, I also know when I look good. For me at least, the scale has absolutely nothing to do with either of those. Pictures, clothes, how I look naked and the mirror are my markers.
  • maryehoustonauthor
    While my ultimate goal is in the top end of the BMI for my height, decided to set smaller goals to begin with. I chose a number that was approximately half there to be my first goal. I am just starting my journey so we will see how this goes.
  • misnomer1
    misnomer1 Posts: 646 Member
    I used my goal body fat % to calculate goal weight
  • MysticGoalie
    MysticGoalie Posts: 328 Member
    Using the fitwatch website,

    Possible to enter your average weight, average body fat. Choosing being (fe)male.. imperial or metric first..

    Calculate and you see the minimum / maximum weight with body fat ranges you be at in Athlete, Fitness and Average Zones, or calculate your target weight by entering the desired body fat % before calculating.

    No Lower than 6% for men, or no lower than 14% for woman.

    The Athlete Zone is where the abs come shining through when wanting (six pack) appearing.. o:)

    * Possible being at a higher target weight if gaining muscle mass on the journey reaching your goals.
  • abicuffyxx
    abicuffyxx Posts: 6 Member
    I only started eating healthier at the beginning of this year, I had no particular goal other than wanting to feel better about my body. For this reason I haven't ever massively focused on weight, more on clothes sizes and noticing clothes getting bigger. 8 months down the line and I've dropped down a couple of clothes sizes and have also found out I have a normal healthy BMI. I'm now focusing on maintaining and introducing more exercise and wouldn't mind losing a few more pounds.
    In short, I don't necessarily believe you need to set a goal weight, sometimes its better to just see what feels best!
  • OliveGirl128
    OliveGirl128 Posts: 801 Member
    I just picked a number that sounded good and once I got there I reevaluated and then adjusted. Also, in maintenance my weight fluctuates within a maintenance range of several pounds.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    My goal weight keeps changing. First I aimed for a weight I have always been comfortable with, but now my goal is more physique based.. I would love to be heavier with the same bodyfat %.
  • amtyrell
    amtyrell Posts: 1,447 Member
    I started aiming for overweight instead of obease then 200lbs then normal weight bmi. I am currently 2lbs from normal bmi and know once I hit that I want to go at least 10 lbs lighter since I have a bunch of fat to take off.