Open food dairy

kspirit Posts: 61 Member
Anybody out there with open food dairys that would like to friend me. I like ideas of seeing what others eat. I find it inspiring. :)


  • Panda3270
    Panda3270 Posts: 25 Member
    This is my third day of having an open food diary to my friends. I decided if this is ever going to work I need to be more accountable. Just sent you a request :)
  • tcunbeliever
    tcunbeliever Posts: 8,219 Member
    mine is open and I log well mon-fri, but the weekends are sketchy as can be
  • MollyJE19
    MollyJE19 Posts: 67 Member
    Mine is open but I've only been logging for 5 or 6 days.
  • bizgirl26
    bizgirl26 Posts: 1,808 Member
    Mine is open to friends
  • carissalounsbury
    carissalounsbury Posts: 5 Member
    My log is open to the public. Vegan-ish (some days I just cant say no to that cookie or dairy coffee creamer x.x) Always looking for more friends on here :D
  • cadpro78
    cadpro78 Posts: 125 Member
    Add me..