Would you freak out if you ate 3,000 calories

Hi, I'm a guy trying to lose weight I'm 200 pounds and try to eat 1500 calories a day, been doing good for a few days now but my mom brought me food from Wendy's and now my calories are like 2800 when I was at 1800. I would usually beat myself up over it but for some reason I just don't care, I guess I'm just so used to sabotaging my diet. :(


  • DarxPhil
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    It happens, you just have to get back on it again. In regards to the question, yes i probably would be a little disappointed and angry, but this is a continuing effort, a single day doesn't bring it all down.
  • Heather4448
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  • cmriverside
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    My goal is 1700 daily. About once a week I hit 3000...and that's with not that much exercise, so it puts me over by about 1000. Hasn't affected me at all. I don't freak out about food overages any more. It's just not a big deal.
  • xvolution
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    If it's only once in a while then it's fine. I sometimes do the same with a chinese restaurant we occasionally go to (usually twice a month) and count that as two meals while sticking to the meal plan for the rest of the time.
  • mengqiz86
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    I would, I did it maybe 2-3 times over the past year and I freaked out every single time. But that's just me and I wouldn't recommend it. If I have the power to say "F it life goes on" I would.
  • SCoil123
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    I've had days where I've eaten at maintenance or even gone over. It's not a huge deal. Normally I'll try to cut an extra 100 calories every day for the rest of the week to still hit my deficit goal though
  • shadyj26
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    Don't feel bad, I need about that many calories per day to maintain. With that being said, I do watch where my calories are coming from.
  • DebLaBounty
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    Well, we all have those days. Just get back at it! And ask your mom for help in avoiding temptation. I'm sure she just wanted to give you a treat, but...
  • DamieBird
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    Nope. I ate 3k+ calories probably 3 times in the past month. I still lose in track, and I'm 180 pound woman. You have nothing to freak out about. Log the cals, move on. Just don't make a habit of it and you'll be fine.
  • mathjulz
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    Chances are that, as a 200 pound male, 1500 calories is an aggressive deficit. So, eating 3000 calories in one day isn't going to put you over your weekly calorie goal to lose weight. It may even be that 1500 calories is too low (more info would help - height, age, activity level, goal) for long term sustainability and eating that 3000 calories is in reaction to that.

    I wouldn't stress it.
  • solovino1
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    Just did it last Friday. I survived. Down 0.6 lbs today. Just made a temporary CICO adjustment. Like you I was (and am) conscious if what took place. That's a key issue in winning at this.