What's your "why"?



  • SillyCat1975
    SillyCat1975 Posts: 328 Member
    I have a few reasons, I want to drop the high cholesterol. There is a huge heart history in my family and I am 42 and my mom had open heart surgery in her 50's. My daughter graduates in May and I want to look really good for photo's, I want her to be proud to call me her mom (she's always been proud but I WANT to feel good about it) I want to be able to twist and turn and not feel a fat roll. I just want to feel good about me! I've never weighed this much and I know it's a journey but I also know it's achievable. It's keeping the faith and putting one foot in front of the other.
  • TaniaMTaylor6
    TaniaMTaylor6 Posts: 16 Member
    I want to be as fit as I can. I got to the point where walking to the local shop left me breathless and I had daily chest pain. My body is now thanking me for doing this and I never want to get that big ever again.
    I want to be a good role model for my children and show them that they can still have treats so long as they are in moderation and looking after themselves should be a priority. I wish for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I also want to show them that seeking comfort from food like I was, just isn't healthy and the problems can be solved other ways.
    Not only do I want to feel good, I want to look good too. I want to be able to buy nice clothes and know that they will suit me.
  • g8gtqueen
    g8gtqueen Posts: 1 Member
    I have many reasons that are all important. But the one "why" that keeps me in check the most is to prove everyone wrong.
  • vmbourg
    vmbourg Posts: 125 Member
    You know that nasty , full , icky feeling you have when you eat too much food? Or just greasy things like fast food fries??? And somehow you keep finding yourself doing it over and over again? I dont want to feel like crap. I dont want to put so much food or "not-so- healthy food" in my body soooo often , that I feel sluggish. I want to have energy and feel motivated to live life!
  • Uisceuisce
    Uisceuisce Posts: 37 Member
    Two reasons. The first is self care. I feel better in myself and I think I'm a much nicer person to be about when I'm eating well and exercising. The second is my boys. Children are said be be significantly more active if they have an active parent. That percentage goes through the roof if more than one parent is active and I want that positive influence for them.
  • WinnieLearns2BStrong
    Initially it was for my husband.

    But now that I'm down 93 lbs, I'm just anxious about messing it up and having to restart at square one
  • emmasjones721
    emmasjones721 Posts: 20 Member
    My 'why' is wanting to feel beautiful and confident on my wedding day next August! Goal of losing 50lbs eeeek
  • Rosemary7391
    Rosemary7391 Posts: 232 Member
    I want to enjoy ceilidhs more and not feel guilty when we do a basket and I'm difficult for the guys to lift. Also for hiking and easier sewing of clothes (no more taking every pattern waaaaay out at the waist would be nice!).
  • MysticGoalie
    MysticGoalie Posts: 328 Member
    To stay in a healthy weight range and someday.. o:)

  • rlilly697
    rlilly697 Posts: 201 Member
    Proving all the fudgers that said "I couldn't"/ "I wouldn't" wrong!