130 lbs to lose!

Recently tried to weigh myself but scales stop at 130kgs (I am 133 have since found out). The doctor said I should go to a vet clinic and use the animal scales! I want to stop being the fat girl and feeling like a failure. I read somewhere it takes about 60 days to make a diet a lifestyle choice and natural. I'm starting tomorrow at breakfast. Goal is 160 pounds. Wish me luck.


  • Theeerica
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    You can do it, one day at a time, one step at a time, one goal at a time. Think of this as a long journey, and not a race, and when you start to doubt yourself, log in, see your progress and renew your resolve, keep moving forward. You will get there. Feel free to add me :)
  • ConnieAGinther
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    Just take one day at a time. Feel free to add me as a friend
  • bellkat31
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    I found that small changes at a time work the best for me. For instance to stop soda no other changes to diet except no soda after I had a couple weeks of success I have tried no bread at dinner .. Etc .... same with excercise small increases at a time. Feel free to add me and wishing you all the best
  • 76Crane76
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    I am here long-term for positivity & motivation. Add me if you like!
  • mona52bask
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    Your doctor is horrible. He just wanted to shame you. Look online for a scale. I bought one that goes up to 500 pounds. Never let those doctors get in your head like that. The choice is yours to lose weight. Once you decide, you will have a lot of success and a few problems. Just hang in there and stay focus. You can do this.
  • karengilmour798
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    Thanks everyone! Here comes a beach body not a beach ball haha
  • magster4isu
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    You can do it! I started my journey with 125lbs to lose. (I have currently lost 75). For me it was about setting small goals for myself (about 5lbs at a time) to keep me from getting overwhelmed. I also made this a priority in my life. It takes a lot of work. If you want it bad enough, you will be successful!! Feel free to add me as a friend if you would like.
  • alleykatvalens
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    Small steps! Take each day as it comes, start small maybe try walking on the treadmill for a mile at a slow pace or just walk around the park or neighborhood for 30 min. You got this! Trust me I know it's super hard at first and all you want to do is quit but just think about where you want to be and keep pushing. In the end it will be worth it, and you'll feel better mentally and physically ♥️.
  • ISweat4This
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    You can do it, stay focused and never give up. It takes time but be patient. Your doctor's bedside manner needs work.
  • alijoanxo
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    You got this! Just stay focused and when it gets hard, remember why it is you wanted to make a change in the first place. Think about not only the changes you can see, but also the ones you can feel. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, and how it performs reflects how we treat and nourish it. Feel free to add me if you'd like for advice/support. Good luck!! xo