Sugar in my Diet

I am very careful with the amount of sugar I take in but the majority of my sugar comes from the apple and grapes I eat. Do I need to count this for the amount I am sugar I am allowed to take in?


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    Macros, how do I track those Rusty740?
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    You shouldn't count sugar.. it's not important. Unless there are reasons as mentioned above. Just count Calories. Macros aren't as important either unless you are specifically trying to target for satiety. My macros are all over the place, but it's the calories that I count and try to hit or stay under.
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    What if sugar is an issue and a medical professional has warned you to watch your daily intake? Do those fruits need to be cut from a diet?
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    Macros, how do I track those Rusty740?

    There are three macronutrients in foods: protein, fat, carbs. MFP tracks those for you. Some people play around with their macro balance or macro "split" rather than going with the default settings provided by MFP. Additionally some people find focusing on macros enables them to achieve other goals - a focus on protein for muscle preservation(or gain), a focus on carbs (often lower carbs) for medical reasons, a focus on fats (lower) for heart health. Often too, playing around with macro goals enables people to find a way of eating that is satiating and helps keep them on track.

    Fundamentally though, weight loss comes down to being in a calorie deficit.

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    I am very careful with the amount of sugar I take in but the majority of my sugar comes from the apple and grapes I eat. Do I need to count this for the amount I am sugar I am allowed to take in?

    Only if you are into counting what you eat. Counting is a good thing at least until intutive eating become a way of life for you after you count for a while and learn what foods fatten you up and what foods leads to natural weight loss/maintenance.

    @krishnip best of success. Remember it is the Way Of Eating that works for you that is right for you. We are all different and do well often eating very different diets from another person that is being successful.

    Specific foods don't fatten people up or lead to natural (whatever that means) weight loss/maintenance. The total amount of calories consumed is what is responsible for weight management.

    OP you will find that without a medical reason to specifically limit sugars, the natural sugars in things like apples and grapes have no bearing on your actual results. MFP doesn't differentiate between natural and added sugars so while there are important guidelines to keep an eye on the total consumption of calories from added sugars, it often is a red herring to chase for weight loss. Many seasoned posters with no medical reason to restrict sugars ignore that metric in their diary or replace it with something more meaningful for them like fiber.

    Not sure after all of this time why you do not grasp weight management is far more than calories consumed.

    Not sure after all this time, why you do not have the most fundamental understanding of energy balance. It's honestly the most basic science out there.

    I am also unsure why you make these arguments with people far more fit than you. And while fit =/= knowledge, it would suggest they are following basic principles to enable them to achieve those goals.

    OP, it all comes down to energy balance for weight loss. What is important is eating foods to allow you to achieve you goals, improve satiety to help it become a sustainable diet, and address any medical needs. The current dogma of the need to cut sugar/carbs is just that.. dogma. It's no different than the old dogma that fats where bad. Fruits are fantastic for you. They are low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and have antioxidants. That increases the amount of volume you can eat, provides sustainable energy and will help keep you body health.

    Sure it is about energy balance. Normally in the animal kingdom energy balance is controlled by hormones not manual math if food choices are not limited.

    Your link is not currently working on my computer.

    Can you elaborate? No clue what you're driving at here.
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    Food choices have never been more varied than they are today. As long as people are not consciously restricting their diet they will be getting all the nutrients they need.

    In the wild, things are more life and death. That's why water holes and salt licks are so valued.

    Now what was the question again? Oh, yeah. Sugar; a subset of carbs.

    The hormones involved are insulin and glucagon but energy release for the body's use involves a series of chemical reactions.