Weight went up 3 pounds but waist dropped another pant size

Hey guys. I am kind of confused. I actually gained 3 lbs this past week which was disappointing but when I was at a store yesterday I tried on a couple different pairs of jeans a size smaller than what I normally wear and they fit! I am looking for reasons this could have happened. Any ideas?


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    Oh I can so relate.

    Can I suggest that while you may weigh yourself regularly.
    Also measure regularly.
    I do so monthly.
    Clothes are your greatest guide to weight loss.

    I have been on this journey two years and in that time, my shape has completely changed.
    Muscle, water retention all affect shape, size and tone.
    This would be why you have dropped a pants size. And yes, clothing manufacturers are law unto themselves. There are no standard sidings

    So while the scales fluctuate, keep measuring.
    The measuring tape doesn't lie!!!
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    Unless they are exactly the same jeans you were wearing before, the sizes vary by brands.
    You will hear some people say how you must have lost fat and gained muscle, you did not gain 3 lbs of muscle in one week, or dropped a size in one week.
    But also...you only mentioned you gained 3 lbs this week, how have you been doing the week before that, and two weeks ago etc?

    They are the same brand and style. I also found that men's pant size is pretty standard at least for me. A 38 would always fit. Now 36 fits.
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    My total weight loss has been good. I have lost 35 pounds and have had the normal kinda down and up a little.
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    mhwitt74 wrote: »
    My total weight loss has been good. I have lost 35 pounds and have had the normal kinda down and up a little.

    You've answered your own question :smile:
    3 lbs up is a temporary and normal body weight fluctuation. You've stated you have been losing weight (congrats on the 35 pounds!). You're clearly doing a good job!

    Now go have an awesome day today! :smiley:

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    As Shakira sings it, "Hips Don't Lie".
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    I'm hanging out about 4lbs above lowest a couple of weeks ago and have definitely lost, it's just water retention because human body. It'll come off eventually.
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    Even if you've had weeks or months of fairly predictable fluctuations, the body can decide to mix things up whenever it feel like it. I spent the middle part of this month consistently up 3-4 pounds, and then three days ago started dropping much more rapidly than one would expect. That's never happened before, but so it goes. The trend line doesn't lie. Congratulations on all your good work so far!
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    Woo Hoo! Take it!
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    Your body is changing.
    Keep doing what you're doing.
    3 lbs is probably water weight

    Those waist inches are very real
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    Thanks for all the great responses and encouragement