From 295 to 170. 43% to 7.6% bodyfat. Flabs to abs

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So it's been 2 years since the day I decided to take action and change my life. What you see here today is not the result of the decision I made on that day, but the result of the many decisions I've made on a daily basis since that moment. That's the secret behind a transformation like the one above.

Everyday we make the choice to move forward, go back, or stay in the same place. There were many times where I failed, but as long as your wins are more than your losses you'll come out on top.

The body I have today is what I expected to have by the end of the first year, but along the way I learned the true cost of each step in my evolution. I decided not to edit this picture in any way other than color and lighting in order to give a real expectation for someone interested in making a similar transformation.

Yes, I have stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles where my skin is still loose because of the abuse it took while I was obese. But these are battle scars I show with pride because they remind me of who I was and how far I've come.

I hope this serves as inspiration for anyone in a similar situation. I did this on my own, without the aid of any trainers, nutritionists, or doctors. Without the need for special medication or invasive procedures. All the information you need to do it yourself is available online and it is free. There's no excuses.


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    What a transformation! You look fabulous, keep up the good work :)
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    Thats crazy, well done! You're an inspiration for sure.
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    Just Awesome
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    Amazing transformation!!
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    very impressive
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    Holy hell. What an accomplishment. Amazing job, my friend.
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    Simply one of the most impressive 360s I've seen. I was even keeping an eye out to make sure you weren't just here to push for a supplement company as it almost seemed too good to be true! I love that you included the battle scars. Always nice to see real people getting real results from straight up hard work.
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    Holy crap!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!
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    That is a major accomplishment and I do appreciate the battle scars as it shows you are who you are and not some photo shopped photo. Thank you for your inspiration.
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    how tall are you?

    I'm 6'0" and my highest was 275. I'm terrified of lose skin and stretch marks if I get to my goal of 170.
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    Awesome work you are super hotttt
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    jdlobb wrote: »
    how tall are you?

    I'm 6'0" and my highest was 275. I'm terrified of lose skin and stretch marks if I get to my goal of 170.

    I'm 6ft tall as well. Right of the bat let me tell you that whatever loose skin I have left at the end of my transformation I'm way better off than when I was obese and couldn't find clothes that fit.

    I suggest you stick to weight training and a high protein diet so you can fill out your skin with muscle mass. That was my approach, little to no cardio other than some light walking to and from the gym.

    alright, that's what I'm doing now. Damn I would kill to look like you when I get to 170. Here's hoping.
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    You are definitely an inspiration I cant wait for my transformation
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    You have a beautiful body now, great work! Thanks for posting your loose skin picture. I'm not anywhere near done losing weight or building muscle, but at 94 lbs down I already have quite a bit of loose skin on my stomach. Fortunately my husband feels the way you do about it - he says it's something to be proud of because of how far I've come.

    You are inspirational!
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    Awesome transformation
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