Feeling really discouraged

July 24 I started my healthy eating/weight loss journey at 176 pounds I've been logging my food and exercising and weighing myself every Monday morning. In three weeks I was down to 171.4. This past Monday, my weight was 173. I'm at the doctor and now my weight is 175.8!

I know people say don't base your success on the scale but I can't help but get discouraged. I've been working so hard and I feel like I'm not seeing any results. Any advice or words of encouragement?


  • JoJosAnatomymfp
    JoJosAnatomymfp Posts: 178 Member
    Weigh your food and measure yourself. Best of luck. Don't give up.
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
    Jthanmyfitnesspal Posts: 3,125 Member
    Consider only your morning post-pee weight in underwear as "official." Even this will fluctuate by a few pounds. Stay on program and the average will trend down!
  • PokernuttAR
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    ^^^this...besides, your scale and the doctor's scale are not probably synced. I mostly go by how my clothes fit. Recently I went down a belt loop although the scale didn't change. #BurnFatAddMuscle
  • notreallychris
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    Obsess with your food scale, not your body weight scale. A few lbs difference on the same day are due to many different factors, and happen all the time. I would weigh a few times a week (if you must) under the same conditions, ie after potty time, nude, same time of day. At the doctor you were probably clothed, hence the difference in weight.