Ouch knee pain!

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Anyone else find that their knees hurt from going on walks or even trying to use a treadmill? My knees must hate me, because since I became more active both at work and home my knees are killing me I can't put weight onmy right knee or, climb stairs without major pain (which sucks since I live on the 2nd floor) push carts at work without pain... even sitting in my chair typing this it hurts!!!


  • Erik8484
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    Knee pain from walking is something you should see a physiotherapist about.
  • Shan_Wow89
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    I'm calling my doctors office tomorrow! I've had knee pain before, but not like this
  • LeLoupVit
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    Regarding painful knees: Yes, please see a medical doctor right away! Give them as much information as possible so you feel better soon.

    On a personal note, I've experienced soreness on one knee, but when I learned to use my finger tips to massage my front and back leg muscles and gently applied as well a muscle roller to my back leg muscles and my thigh muscles, my sore knee disappeared. This personal experience amongst others continues to remind me of the importance of self-care before and after exercise (e.g., stretching, body-weight strength conditioning exercises, self-massaging, etc.). In fact, I've practically become my own yoga instructor and masseuse in so doing.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    Good to rule out any major issue.

    Usually, ice and ibuprofen.in the short term. Strength training (PT) longer term.
  • Shan_Wow89
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    Today I felt better, still a but stiff, but better! I can't take ibuprofen, but have been using acetaminophen, so far I haven't moved unless necessary... once I see my doctor I'll have more infor! Thank you everyone for the well wishes and tips!