Early morning risers q&a and tips.



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    I have to be at work between 5-5:30am. After work I am dog tired and just don't have the energy, so I decided that working out in the morning is best for me. I am usually working out by 3:30am. My thinking is that if it is important enough to me, I will do it. Right now working out is one of the most important things I am doing, so that motivates me to get up.
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    Thanks for the replies guys! It great to read what everyone does and how they do it. I really appreciate everyones feedback. As a result of the information everyone submitted I now wake up at 5:00am daily! Thank you everyone! You guys really helped me change.
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    I wake up 4:00AM in the morning, drink a cup of coffee with milk and go out for a 2-mile jog around my neighborhood. The 2-mile jog takes me 15 minutes to do--I vary pace along the way to keep it interesting. After jogging, I'm back at home in my bedroom doing "home-gym" exercise which takes another 40 to 50 minutes and are as follows: 50 squats, 50 heel raisers, 15 pushups, mixed with 3 planks (held for 1 minute each), 30 crunches and 10 pull ups using the top wood surrounding my door entrance. (I mix in other calisthenic exercises as well like back crunches and others that don't quite have a standard name, but they're all body-weight exercises.)
    In a nutshell, I jog 3 days a week but I do the "home-gym" routine everyday (though I take a rest-day when I do nothing every other week): So, in effect, most days I hit the shower at 5:00AM or 5:30AM. That investment of time on my body first thing in the morning pays off big time in making me more active and healthy throughout the day. That in itself is a huge motivation to keep doing it early in the morning.
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    @magster4isu fair-play to you, I am currently starting out on my journey, I have to leave for work at 05:15 so I think I would have to get up about 03:45 to get a work out in 😳
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    I work out at 4:30 AM most of the time. I am NOT a morning person. I just love how quiet the gym is at that hour. It means I can really take my time without feeling like an equipment hog. It also means that I don't have a workout hanging over my head all day. I get in, get out and then go on with my morning. I am a procrastinator by nature, so I have to trick myself into getting things done early.

    How do I force myself to get up so early? I believe in parenting myself, so I just get up even though I don't want to. It's that simple, though it isn't easy. I always mentally remind myself that I have never once regretted getting up once I am there but that I DO regret and hate myself when I decide to skip it. Holding myself accountable is a big part of my "self work" in life.
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    I know this thread was ages ago but...

    Don’t think about the work out. Think about putting your feet on the floor right away.

    In all fairness I get up at 6 (NOT “early” to some I see) and I have a horrid time getting myself to work out hard at that hour. My ideal time to work out is 11 but that’s not always happening w 5 kids and homeschooling. But I can make myself go outside and walk-if I feel up to it, then I run but that is rare as running to early makes me
    Sleepy and grumpy all day.
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    To those that workout early morning... How are you able to workout early in the morning and why do you do it? Also please give me some tips.

    I have been trying to wake up early for the gym but it hasn't really worked out for me. I don't enjoy going towards the late afternoon/night because of how full the gym gets and how much time I end up waiting for certain equipment to free up. I also get a bit anxious lol. Never the less, I am interested in reading stories of those that are able to wake up early to exercise for perspective and possible tips or advice to get up early.

    I wake up at 3am, make and eat breakfast by 3:30a. At 4:30a i take my pre and prep for the workout that i begin by 4:45a. I have to be to work at 7a and my job is mentally exhausting for me to even have a focus to do it after work plus there's absolutely no way that I can in the evening time with my kids running around and dinner having to be made
    There are moments where I want to hit that snooze. If I didn't eat before going to the gym I definitely would not have the motivation to go. Lately with them not being open I've been resorting to at-home workouts with which has been working out just as well. That also means that I go to bed by 8p tho.
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    Go to bed early. Much easier to get up when you feel rested.

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    thedec1320 wrote: »
    @magster4isu fair-play to you, I am currently starting out on my journey, I have to leave for work at 05:15 so I think I would have to get up about 03:45 to get a work out in 😳

    There are people who do this. I've done this.

    I mean, it's not essential . . . people also have success either exercising mid-day (on a lunch break, for example) or after work. But it's something that can be accomplished for those who want to work out before work.
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    I find the following helps.
    - set your gym clothes out somewhere you can see them from the bed
    - have the heating come on earlier in winter so its not cold when you ger up
    - book in for a class if your gym does them early morning
    If your really struggling then:
    - have a really annoying alarm go off somewhere you have to get up to turn it off
    - watch David Goggins on youtube lol.

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    I don't. I just don't have any energy early in the morning. Best workout time for me is in the evening after dinner. Simples.