10 Years I held on to them

Treece68 Posts: 780 Member
10 Years ago I bought Khaki pants in the same size as a pair of grey pants I owned both from Old Navy. When they arrived they did not fit I could not even squeeze into them.
I also bought a black dress from Fashion Bug the same size as another dress I bought from the same company it would not even zip up. Both were online purchases.
I would try both of these things on randomly throughout the years, and for some reason I kept them even when moving and purging items.
Sunday they both fit I wore the pants Monday to work!!!! This solves the problem of me needing new Khaki pants for work my old ones were way to big and baggy.
Now I will have to go to a fancy party to wear my dress.
.... I wonder if the lace shirt I got for Christmas x amount of years ago would fit now to? I will have to drag that out as well.


  • Need2Exerc1se
    Need2Exerc1se Posts: 13,577 Member
    Cool! Fitting into clothing that was previously too small is a great feeling!
  • IsabeausRose
    IsabeausRose Posts: 129 Member
    Wow that's so awesome! What an incredible story xoxo
  • ldtamika31
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    Great I can't wait until I can wear my smaller clothes
  • chiefod
    chiefod Posts: 19 Member
    That's a wonderful story! Yea!
  • canarysal
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    I've got a pair of black jeans mocking me in the wardrobe, can get them on again now, just need to be able to zip them up, nearly there ....
  • Horses4Two
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    That must feel amazing ! Good job. I finally donated the clothes I have been hanging on to for 10 years. If I get back down I deserve new jeans :)
  • Care76
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    Way to go! Isn't it the best feeling?!
  • griffinca2
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    I have this pair of jeans that my grandmother & I tie-dyed in her bathtub (never mind the year). Anyway gained weight & they didn't fit for a long time (but held on to them anyway); they fit now like they did when I bought them.