who has lost 80 pounds and more



  • enyagoboom
    enyagoboom Posts: 377 Member
    I am 14 lbs/73 days into an 80+ lb loss, so I'm kind of where you are and thought I'd offer my observations so far.

    The biggest changes to my mindset and followthrough are:

    1. Accountability: everything gets logged. Some days are better than others both with food and with fitness but in the end the only person who cares and who is able to make a difference in this is me, so there is no point fudging numbers.
    2. Gradual change becoming habits: fitness, i started slowly and am building up to some big goals, but I am not discouraged by those less than good days. Same with food, small changes have stuck for way longer than they ever did before.
    3. Patience: I want to be fit/skinny/better now. It took me a decade to get to this point, and I have small goals to help see me through the next however long it takes to get into a healthy frame and then goals beyond that so I don't have to start over. I never, ever want to go through this again.

    There are more, but I think those have had the most impact.
  • Geocitiesuser
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    I've lost ~130lbs and inadvertently maintain now. The best advice I can give is consistency. It just takes (a lot of) time. Don't get stuck doing fad diets. Eat well, count calories. Do exercise. Every day. Doesn't matter if you're going hard or light, eating carbs or fats. Just put in the effort and stay consistent.
  • gg3975
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    I have lost 85 pounds went from a size 22 to a 10 and I am 42. I have kept it off for over a year. My biggest motivation was me! I had to take the time necessary to care for myself so I would be healthy for me and my loved ones. I deserved to feel better and be healthier!! You deserve it too!!
    My three biggest advice tips
    1. Do exercise you enjoy - I enjoy listening to music while riding a recumbent bike. I enjoy yoga and weight lifting. I stopped doing exercise for calorie burn or weight loss I just do it for enjoyment and how it makes me feel after I am done.
    2. Remember to live - don't miss out in life just because you are trying to lose weight. Don't avoid dinners or parties life is too short. Have fun while losing weight! Put weight in its proper place and don't let it rule over your entire life and control you.
    3. Listen to your body - you will read a bunch of rules for weight loss and exercise but you know your own body better than anyone so do what works for you.
    Hope this is helpful!
  • mandalunia
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    I just crossed the 120 pounds lost mark this week. I still have 30-40 to go. I was 287 when i started and I am 166 now. I am 46 and a mom who works full time. I am just over a year in my weight loss journey. My success is three things I think. First and most importantly deciding it was possible. I didn't think I could do it for years and years but once I believed stuck too it. Second I didn't forbid myself any food or treat I just really watched my calories. I have candy every day but usually a small amount. If I say no you can't have a candy bar I feel deprived and then quit so I just have a bite of a candy bar. My kids and husband have been amazing helping me and celebrating all along the way. Finally I have become an avid walker walking about 8 miles per day. I walk about three miles in the morning before work (lots of pretty sunrises to see) and then at night either at the gym or around my neighborhood. I haven't missed my minimum 9000 step goal in 285 days and I usually get closer to 20,000 steps.

    You can do it if I can believe me.
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