Starting back up again

So I downloaded this app a while back but ended up switching to a different one. I liked it but not really so here I am again. Since I've logged last here I have lost 14 pounds! I've got another 14 to go to get to my goal weight but I've been slacking lately so will someone kick me in the *kitten* or something so I get up again ?


  • Zara11
    Zara11 Posts: 1,247 Member
    Think about how good it'll feel to reach that goal, and how frustrating it'll feel in a few months to still be stalled. Figure out why you're slacking and do something to address the root problems!
  • Ambralovee
    Ambralovee Posts: 2 Member
    Thank you! That's very helpful actually! I also bought my Halloween costume a size smaller than what I needed so it would force myself to get back on track haha!