piyo? - anyone starting it?

doceo Posts: 46 Member
I purchased a piyo DVD about 2 years ago, but never really started it. Now that I'm retired, I have time for me and I've started yoga, pilates, and took a piyo class. I always feel a step or two behind everyone in the class (they are all experienced) but I try my best. Decided to put the DVD in and do each move slo-mo. Hopefully, that will help me move from one move to the next more fluidly.

Anyone else actively working on piyo?


  • brattchild2013
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    This is a good workout! I love it! You will feel so much healthier and stronger!
  • SunshineOK
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    Hi! I also purchased PiYo about 3 years ago. I start it but never finish. I always end up feeling stronger and then I go out and do other exercises that lead me outdoors. These other exercises are too much for my back. Now I have severe back problems that cannot be fixed with surgery. My doctors have prescribed yoga. I am only 45 and have 2 young girls. I have gained weight from this depressing news. I am feeling positive now though and intend to start PiYo program today!!! You can friend me if you would like and we can encourage one another.
  • 76Crane76
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    I have not actually tried piyo but thinking about it...I have begun yoga & pilates beginner because I am now restricted to the mat from a foot injury. I feel amazing, especially my back!!
  • sgt1372
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    Bought the DVDs cheap off of eBay months ago. Watched all of them and tried the easier routines a couple of times.

    Have the strength but not the flexibility to do the routines which means that I could benefit by doing the program but I find it boring and would rather do other things.

    So, I haven't been doing it much at all.
  • doceo
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    Thought I would post a follow-up. I signed up for a piyo class and it went really fast-much much faster than the dvds-but I was able to keep up pretty well. I couldn't move from move to move as easy as the rest of the people, but I love it! If anyone else is working on piyo right now, I would love to know.
  • lorrpb
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    You don't have to keep up with everyone else. You just have to keep making yourself a teeny bit better each week.
  • jillybeansalad
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    I like it. I am not flexible at all and I'm pretty terrible at it- but it definitely helps and is a big challenge for my muscles. I use it in conjunction with weight training. :)
  • doceo
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    I really do like it. I keep trying! I can't say I'm sore from the workouts. They are challenging, though. I do have to get better at transitions. The rest of the class works together all in the same motion at the same time... then there is me :blush: I'm ok with that; coordination is not a strength of mine.

    jillybeansalad- I also use it with weight training. Love working out again!