Big appetite making things hard

Im a beginner lifter ive been lifting for about 13 months now i start off on a bulk for 6 months then went on a cut after ward in 1 months time i gained way to much weight from eating dirty im not fat or anything i can still see vascularity in my arms and shoulders but i have a bit of a baby gut and love handles so over the last 4-5 ive been trying to cut again but keep failing so ive just been maintaining 164-167 pounds this time im really determined to finish this weight loss to about 154 pounds im taking it slower only 1 pound a week today marks two weeks in which is the farthest ive reached in these last months but i must say the appetite is hitting me hard mostly at night i just think about ordering a delicious large pizza or binge eating ive stayed strong though i was just curious on how you guys keep your hunger down while losing weight any advice helps!


  • mskimee
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    I think there is a volume eaters thread on here if you search for it. That might be helpful?
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    Hunger and appetite is not the same. Most people love to eat. Most of the food we have today is delicious and easy to eat and overeat. That doesn't mean we can or should overeat. I have a healthy appetite too, bit I know I can't eat all the time or routinely eat as much as I have room for - that would make me fat again. Have a healthy weight (loss) goal and eat enough, and you'll be fine.
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    Try intermittent fasting. Works so well for me because im avle to binge eat all my calories in the evening. So its like ur not even trying to lose.
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    For me, intermittent fasting makes a calorie deficit the easiest. I can enjoy larger meals while still adhering to my calories goals because I only eat across a short window of time.
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    I think there is a volume eaters thread on here if you search for it. That might be helpful?