The carbs made me do it...

Today I've decided that carbs keep my angry at Bay.... I am livid at some of my coworkers and how they have talked to me, absofuckinglutely beyond my normal tolerance for stupidity...and I think that my change to low carb has brought me to this point. The things they are saying and doing are no different than it was before, in fact the behavior isn't even the worst I've seen from them, but you know what???? Before, when I was angry or hurt or at my limit, I could crunch my way through too many chips, or sweets, or bready stuff and I don't have that now. Do I want it back? I guess, really no...I'm down 16 pounds and 7 inches in a month, I fought through Keto Flu, I went a mile on a treadmill with an incline and didn't die or wimp out, I logged every bite, interacted with strangers, and took a god damn before photo so I can put it up here in the future..... I have more energy and my mind is clear, it may be clearly angry, but it's clear. So watch out motherfuxkers, I'm counting carbs, and your *kitten* is clearly made of protein.


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    Macaroni and cheese is like a stress reliever
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    You go girl! Vent and get it out of your system rather than bury it with food. I'm loving this low carb way of eating and agree with clear thinking etc. Think of your weight loss as revenge. I'm totally rocking this weight loss and getting lots of comments, none from nasty coworkers though. Jealous, much? Keep doing what you're doing and let their envy, and stupidity, eat them up inside.
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    I love carbs...they are my main source of fuel and give me happiness...but I love your attitude!!

    Excellent job sticking with your plan and to your success!!
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    I'd personally go back to logging and eating carbs, I wouldn't want to be angry at people everyday for no reason.
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    Well, you can always eat the wide variety of healthy, low to moderate calorie carbs (like berries, veg, quinoa, yogurt etc.), skip chips and sweets, and keep your anger in check. Of course, exercise is a good choice either way!
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    Lack of carbs makes me angry and unclear.
  • Thanks for the input on my rant. It really is more about emotional eating and not the diet change itself and not "being hangry." Realizing that when my coworkers were jerks (for real) I would use that as an excuse for less optimal food choices. I don't have that as an excuse any more. I do actually eat carbs, just different ones than before instead of loads of breads and sugars, I focus on good filling veggies and lower sugar fruits (a girl can't live on bacon). I physically feel a lot better, and the purpose of being here is to get on track for a lot of healthier habits. Anger is not bad, it never was, it's just what I choose to do with it.
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    Good for you! Finding an eating plan that works for you long-term and addressing your relationship with food is key to success. I do moderately low carb as well because it works for me and I feel better. There are low carb groups on this site that you may want join. Congrats on your progress!
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    Little off topic, but I always find it annoying when people equate carbs to "junk"...chips and sweets and whatnot that are also typically a highly palatable combination of carbs and fat.

    Nobody ever mentions beans, lentils, potatoes, fruit, veg, etc...carbs always seem to be equated with "junk" and it's a little silly...
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    This girl can live on bacon. Really though, I think what you're going through is really common with dropping carbs significantly. If you've been doing it for a month you should start to feel the rage drop off a bit soon. Low carb can be hard to maintain, even if you bounce the amount you eat up a bit you'll find that you'll be more aware of the carbs you're consuming long term. Good luck!