Starting Over/Seeking Pals :)

Hey there!

Several years ago, after maintaining my goal weight -- I gained 60 unwanted pounds. Due to my emotional self not being the healthiest, I haven't been able to lose them.

The good news is -- I have grown a lot and now feel healthy enough to balance out my physical health.

A bit about me... I'm a 35 year old lady, who is in Austin TX, and originally from the Philadelphia area. I'm gluten free, mostly vegetarian, low key w/my exercising and am open about my emotional health (ie: I log my antidepressants).

I'm a very honest & friendly supporter. It would be great to have some motivation from folks who may come from similar spaces or open to those that are like me. :)

Best of luck to y'all!


  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    It is hard to find that groove again when health knocks you off your feet. Today is my day one...again. Feel free to add me.
  • Tres05
    Tres05 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi! I also gained a lot of weight because of depression. So I know how it feels to not be able to be healthy because of your mental health. Best of luck! Please feel free to add me!! I would definitely like to support/motivate each other!! ☺️