General Question for Females

Last December I decided to go on the Nexplanon birth control implant. Since I got it in December I've gained 53 pounds. I was curious if any other female had experienced this and if so, how did you lose the weight?


  • Owlie45
    Owlie45 Posts: 810 Member
    I got mine in January. No weight gain issue. I did notice more cravings but I gained only when I ate too much and lost it like I lost weight before it.
  • thechiopodist
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    I have an implant, not the same as yours, but I expect they are based on the same hormone release. I put on weight after the implant and asked my doctor if it could be the implant doing it. He said that weight gain was not a known side effect.
    Since starting my diet change here, I realise that I have been overeating and under excersizing, I have lost 11lbs so far, and still have the implant.
  • Never tried the implant but hormonal Medes have had the same effect for me. I have the Mirena coil but the doctor also put me on the pill to calm down the excessive bleeding I was still 6 weeks I put on 10lb! A lot of it was overeating, but the pill increased my appetite enormously, so was indirectly responsible. It's taken 4 weeks or so after stopping it for my ferocious appetite to return to normal.