Huge amount of weight to lose.. Anyone else?

Hi everyone.. I've just come to the realisation that I'm now the biggest I've ever been! I would like to lose 40-50 kilos (not lbs, kilos!). Looking for support, stories or inspiration..


  • cenafan
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    Try not to focus on the big goal (keep it in your sights though). Break it down to smaller goals. Example. Set 5kg goals. You have to do that 10 times and you're done. Getting to 5kg increments will motivate you. I do 10lb goals. I find it helps.
  • ZhivagosGirl
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    I set out this year to lose 45 kilos (100 lbs - I think I did the conversion right), I'm down 32 kilos so far. You just keep chipping away at it. I figured time is going to pass anyway, do I want to be 70 lbs heavier or do I want to be where I am now? My initial goal is to get to 90 kilos (199 lbs) and then maybe another 20 pounds after that. Sorry if that's confusing I kinda switched back and forth between kilos and pounds! The biggest message is you didn't gain it overnight, you aren't gonna lose it overnight but you can do it.
  • grethere
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    I'm there too. I want to lose at least 200 pounds, which would put me at 185. The big picture seems daunting, but the small every day ones not so much. Meal planning. Scheduling time at the gym. I need to remember this myself as it's how I lost weight in the past.
  • kayeroze
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    I have around 70-80 pounds to lose, but I haven't set an end date to lose it. I know I could lose over half of that in a year, but I want to make it through sustainable choices. I've changed my mindset and beyond focusing on the physical health aspects, I'm looking at my mental health too.
  • Rickster1967
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    same boat, been at this for 68 days, still have 50kgs to go

  • changetime77
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    I have 50kg to lose, I'm at the heaviest I've ever been. I've just broken it down to small goals so it doesn't look so scary.... MFP is a great community to help you and support you...
  • EloiseBean
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    girl i got 100lbs before i even get to my first goal weight.
  • mumbles2013
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    You can do this!!!! I started with a goal of 98lbs to drop and was so depressed when I though about the figure as a whole and I was so disappointed to even be in that situation. However just take it day by day, week by week and the results will come.
    I started at 224lbs and I'm now 167lbs at my last weigh in so just 41lbs to go. It has been a hard and long journey because I lose and gain the same 15lbs over and over again but I just keep in mind how being 224lbs made me feel and I know I'm never going back there.
    You can do it, believe in your ability to succeed at this and set mini goals rather than thinking of the whole figure.
    Good luck hun xx
  • briwagner90
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    I have 80 pounds to lose. This is the heaviest I've ever been. Even though I have a goal weight I don't really have a specific date to lose it by. If I could lose it all by next summer it'd be nice. I just try to take it one day at a time and stay positive.
  • EatingAndKnitting
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    I started with about a hundred and fifty pounds to lose in December 30 last year. Even with a three-four month diet break I'm almost down 50 pounds, and expect to be there by the end of the year.

    What works for me is weighing daily, and NOT freaking out about the number, just treating it as data. Data is neither good or bad. Use a weight trend app (happy scale for ios, Libra for Android. There's a website too, maybe?) and watch that line over the weeks rather than the jagged line mfp gives you.

    I log everything. I don't weigh as much as I should, I'm working on it, but I try to be accurate as possible in my logging. If I ate it, I log it. Even if it puts me over my calories by a thousand (I've had days like that, still lost almost 50 pounds in a year) for the day.

    I forgive myself. I'm human. I screw up. Today I ate an *entire* bag of tater tots with two cans of cream of mushroom soup on them (gross, I know, but I love it). I ate a very light dinner and tomorrow will be a better day.

    If you had asked me on January 1st if I'd still be doing this on September 26 and would I have lost 45 pounds, I'd have said no. If you'd asked me two months ago if I could walk three miles I'd have laughed at you. If you'd asked me a week ago if I would get excited about buying a stationary bike and look forward to my daily rides, I'd have said hell no.

    You can do this. I can do this. We're strong.
  • ColoradoLivingg
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    My highest weight was 297 lbs. I'm down to 264 now and still have about 130 to lose to be in the middle of my healthy weight range for my height (5'3"). So with that, I have about 59 kg to lose. It's daunting, so I try to think about it in small terms of 5 lbs each. Once I lose 5, I move on to the next 5 and so on and so forth. September was bad for me and overall I gained 1.6 lbs. I really just need to get back on track and stop slacking. I'd like to be in the 240s in December.
  • latentspring
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    Two weeks ago, I was 296.4 lbs with 139.4 lbs / 63 kilos to lose. I understand.

    This morning had me at 284.8, so down 11.6 lbs / 5.2 kilos! I way prefer kg, it makes the journey seem like a smaller, easier undertaking!
  • pinysmile3736
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    I need to lose 57 pounds. I was 245 now 206.6. Taken it slow my goal weight is 145 -150 pounds. I goal each week is too lose 1-2 pounds a week. Looking for friends as well.
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    I started out needing to lose 1/2 my weight to reach the upper limit of a healthy BMI. 100 days later, I had lost 10% of my total weight. Only 40% to go! So, yes, I still have over 100 pounds to lose but rather than worry about when I will reach that milestone I celebrate the little milestones along the way while I try to break habits of old.