Salmon-how do you like to cook it in the oven?



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    This is how I do it in a frypan, in case it's useful to someone:

    I turn the gas up to three quarters and add a splash of oil to the pan. I fry the skin side of the salmon for maybe 5 minutes, then turn it over, put a lid on it and turn the heat down to about a third. I let it cook through cos I don't like raw in the middle, but it's up to you. While it's steaming I bung a Birdseye Steam Fresh rice or potato and veg sachet in the microwave. Serve with the sauce of your choice. I like Byron Bay jalapeno sauce, or Siracha sauce.
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    6 ounces salmon, roasted, skin up, 400 degrees, ten minutes. I put a quick spray of oil in my baking dish, then use truelemon to dust the salmon. Quick and easy. I prefer my fish a little on the sushi side.
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    I love salmon using 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil, parsley leaves, pink Himalayan rock salt and pepper. Just a few minutes on each side on a nonstick pan and it melts like butter in your mouth. Beware overcooking! </3
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    Don't use a frypan, it don't taste the same.. heat oven to 425F, salmon in, for 30 min, done. For seasoning I half way slice it and put slices of garlic in between. Use farm raised salmon, its fattier. The wild caught is much leaner, so cook that 25min instead, or it will be too dry. Wild and farm have slight diff taste, see which one you like.

    Wow! Thanks for the info and picture! Looks delish! :):) Thank you!
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    I have this cookbook called Looneyspoons. I love it. They have a recipe called Dillicious Lemon Chicken, but I've used the same recipe for salmon as well.

    1 cup low-fat sour cream
    1 tbsp. minced fresh dill
    1 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
    1 tsp. lemon zest
    4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves

    Preheat oven to 425 F. Combine sour cream, dill, lemon pepper and lemon zest in a small bowl. Spray a medium casserole dish with non-stick spray. Spoon 1/4 of the lemon-dill sauce over bottom.

    Arrange chicken breasts on top in a single layer. Pour remaining sauce over chicken. Spread evenly. Bake uncovered for 30-35 minutes, until chicken is tender and no longer pink.

    The cookbook also has a recipe called Happily Marinated Salmon that is really tasty as well.

    Thanks for typing out the recipe! I appreciate that! I'll have to give that a try - I'm always looking for new chicken recipes, too, so this is great. Thanks!
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    These are all great ideas, everyone! I appreciate you all giving me your ideas - so many great ones to try! Thank you!
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    blueberry balasamic glazed salmon is heavenly.
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    I am eating baked left over salmon from dinner last night. I put a filet in a zip lock bag with soy sauce, siracha, garlic and ginger and left it marinate for an hour. Then I brushed on a little maple syrup to crisp it up and baked at 400 for 20 minutes. Served with stir fried mushrooms and baby bok choy. Very yummy.

    Another favorite way to prepare is to season with salt, pepper and lemon juice and bake. Serve on a salad of spinach, blueberries, walnuts and goat or feta cheese with a simple homemade vinegarette made with garlic, honey, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.
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    I like mine pan fried with salt and pepper .. I don’t need a ton of stuff .. but there a so many ways to cook salmon!
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    Shame on me....Pacific NW native transplanted now....I microwave frozen salmon, or poach on stove....then flavor; keeping it light....spruce it up with spinach or kale, spaghetti squash, etc...
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    I poke many holes in the salmon with a fork, then pour over a little white wine Worcestershire sauce and shake on some Cajun seasoning.
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    My doctor says I need more Omega 3s, so I bought some salmon. How do you like to cook it in the oven? I have some defrosting now for tonight. I looked for some marinades last night, but they all looked pretty full of calories at a glance.

    How do you like to do yours?


    Salmon is on the menu for tonight! I use roughly this recipe: but I use grey poupon instead of whole grain mustard. I plan to serve with green beans and quinoa. This is one of my favorite recipes and definitely something I consider a "treat" meal (mostly because it's a bit expensive, not because it's high on calories)
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    I found an excellent ginger sesame dressing that I thought might be good on it............and oh is it!
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    Poach the salmon off in some white wine, water and lemon juice with garlic, scallions, and tomatoes.

    Lately. I like to rub the salmon with toasted sesame oil and a mesquite seasoning.
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    One of the best tasting salmon I ever had was when a big salmon was cut into 1-1/2 thick sticks and then the steaks separated from the spine to make 2 pieces. These were then marinated overnight with a little olive oil and fresh lime juice. Then they were broiled, skin side up until cooked through and the skin was all blistered and blackened. Delicious.
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    My doctor says I need more Omega 3s, so I bought some salmon. How do you like to cook it in the oven? I have some defrosting now for tonight. I looked for some marinades last night, but they all looked pretty full of calories at a glance.

    How do you like to do yours?


    I love salmon I cook mine for 12 minutes if you cook it long it can turn rubber like and a suggestion I use lemons under it and I use the juice on top
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    Fried in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on a ribbed frying pan to drain the fat with lime, garlic and ginger - much better than in the oven. Sometimes top it with Chinese chilli sauce but this has a lot of sugar.

    Alternatively it's good with pesto on top to compliment whole-wheat pasta
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    This Alaskan girl's favorite is:

    I also use flax seed in everything I can to help with my omega fatty acid intake.
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    And farm raised salmon is an abomination!!!!! Blecch, won't eat that garbage.....