5:2 diet

Has anyone done the 5 :2 diet, if so was it sucessful? My GP has recommended it but i don't know any low calorie meals or what my key foods would be that are quite filling. Any help would be much appreciated


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    Success with weight loss comes from finding a way to consistently eat less (fewer calories than you burn) and sticking to it. 5:2 is just one method to eat less. You still have to eat less, and not eat too much later. Low calorie meals could be any meal, but less. What is filling, is pretty individual, situational, habitual. Filling isn't a especially useful goal, either; what you need is balanced nutrition and good taste. So - make an effort to get nutritious food, while eating food you like. Eat enough, but not too much. Find out what works for you, and stick to that.
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    I tried it I couldn't hack it, wasn't sustainable for me, fell of the wagon every week. You just have to find out what works for you, then be consistent.

    However, bbc good food has excellent, seasonal recipes, however an experienced cook you are, and has a section on 5:2. The fish with olives became a favourite, we still cook long after we abandoned 5:2

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    Has anyone done the 5 :2 diet. - Yes.

    if so was it successful? - Yes, very. It helped me adhere far easier to a sensible and moderate weekly calorie goal as I find everyday calorie reduction boring and frustrating. It also made the transition to maintenance at goal weight very easy as you are already used to eating at maintenance five days a week.

    Does it suit everyone - No absolutely not. Apart from a lot of people finding it difficult there's also many people who shouldn't follow a fasting routine. Check the website.

    My GP has recommended it but i don't know any low calorie meals or what my key foods would be that are quite filling. - Get the book, get the recipe book(s), scan the https://thefastdiet.co.uk/ website. It makes you very creative being so limited! High taste was a big factor for me in making the fasting days easier. Not easy, but easier.

    There's also a community group on here - http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/100058-5-2-fasting

    Try it, you might like it, you might not. You might find out something useful about your personal eating habits or learn some new low calorie recipes. You can always stop if it doesn't suit you. Keep trying until you find something that does work.