Fiber trouble

Hey everyone I know fiber is important but no matter what I try I'm not getting the fiber I need some I'm question is dose any one know a good fiber snack so I can start getting fiber


  • Heather4448
    Heather4448 Posts: 908 Member
    Carb balance tortillas (large size) have 26 grams of fiber. You could sub that out for sandwich bread. Most veggies have a decent amount of fiber. Start swapping out your current side dishes for high fiber veggie or bean dishes.
  • jemhh
    jemhh Posts: 14,262 Member
    Depending on your calorie level, you may need to add something like Metamucil to your daily intake.
  • pamfgil
    pamfgil Posts: 449 Member
    Or if you're really stuck, add a teaspoon of psyllium husks to something you already eat. Don't increase it by more than a teaspoon a week and increase your water by an eight ounce glass per teaspoon unless your over 8glasses already. It works best with stuff like stew or oats that are meant to have a thickened liquid
  • Mithridites
    Mithridites Posts: 595 Member
    I love raspberries, grapes, even prunes for a good fiber hit.
  • lemmie177
    lemmie177 Posts: 479 Member
    Roasted chickpeas are good. Easy to make at home from canned. Popcorn is pretty high fiber too, just have to be mindful of any high calorie toppings.
  • rundgrenrocks
    rundgrenrocks Posts: 109 Member
    I like Fiber choice tablets and we also all like Sara Lee White Whole Wheat bread. Some cereals have good amounts of fiber and can be good dry for a crunchy snack.
  • timtam163
    timtam163 Posts: 500 Member
    Fresh fruits and veggies!