Won the battle last night...

We went out to a local bar/restaurant last night. I ate lightly all day, knowing we would be going out. Big mistake. I was STARVING when we got there, and was ready to throw in the towel and have my favorite thing they serve- a garlic roastbeef French dip sandwich. ( In my mind I knew I had about 700 calories, so how bad could it be, right?) And of course the onion rings to boot. HOWEVER, the menu posted calories! My "not so bad" sandwich was 1500 calories!! I saw those numbers and actually started to tear up! Then as I searched the menu for something a little more reasonable, I was APPALLED at the calories in some of my other "favorites" there! Guess I never paid attention to those numbers before. So, I sucked it up, thought how hard I have been working on better choices, saw a Mediterranean Chicken Salad for 400 calories, asked for dressing on the side, and ate a little over half,2 tsp of greek dressing and 2 glasses of wine. Came in within 50 calories of my calorie target. Eye opener for me, but I won this battle.


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    Awesome! I do appreciate those calorie labels they throw in. Understanding that they are not 100% accurate at least gives an idea of which foods are better choices than others. Way to go! And you got some wine. :)
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    It's really eye opening to see those calories on a menu.

    There is a chain restaurant called Ted's Montana Grill that both my BF and I really like. We go early, so it's quiet, we sit at the bar because the bartenders are nice and tend to chat us up. When we started going, I was toying with the idea of losing weight, but honestly wasn't ready to go full hog. I looked up their menu online before hand to see what the damage would be, knowing even that my maintainance calories are around 1800. They have a Pecan Trout dinner that's 1750 calories a plate as served. Now, we typically split a meal, we can't eat all the food and it goes to waste, but that's still 1/2 of my daily calories in MAINTAINANCE in one meal. For fish.

    Anyway, we still love the place, still go, but I know what I can order. Their bison pot roast and bison meatloaf is very doable split and I still feel like I'm splurging. And it's enough food for both of us...
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    That's one of my issues with eating out. I typically don't eat at places that post calories, and I TRY to estimate my meals properly, but who knows how off I am...

    Plus yeah, a 1500 calories sandwich will only fill me up for a few hours most of the time, sadly :(
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    This is why I rarely eat out. You either settle for food you really don't want to eat or you get what you really want possibly blowing your cals for the day and possibly feeling regret or guilt.
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    Eating out is tough, but I found a few things I can do to 'limit' the hit.

    1. Limit myself to one or two beer
    2. No dessert
    3. eat half my meal, pack up the rest for the next days lunch
    4. garden salad or veggies instead of fries (mostly because fries are amazing and I find they taste gross the next day so leaving half is something I find tough to do, and when I do it...they taste terrible anyway)

    It is definitely a sacrifice though, unfortunately due to work meetings and travel, I tend to eat out a fair bit and it was necessary to adjust my pattern of eating.
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    Good for you... it is really sad that most restaurants don't have satisfying (filling) / low calorie offerings...
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    I would have gotten what I really wanted and called it a night out and got back on track the next day. Wouldn't have settled for a salad.

    Yeah. This. ^^
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    yeah i eat out so rarely now, that when i go out, i eat what i want. in the grand scheme of things, it doesnt make a difference.

    if im going to eat a salad, i can eat at home :/

    you always could have eaten half the sandwich (at +/- the 700 cals) and had half the next day for lunch or dinner. and gotten to enjoy the meal twice :/ I do that a fair bit, simply because often i cant finish a full restaurant meal.
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    I rarely eat out so I eat whatever I want when I do. Plenty of opportunity for me to lose the extra cals.

    I do agree however that spending 1500 cals on a not so bad sandwich is not worth it. It has to be something very apealing which I don't make at home.
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    This... may not be helpful, but a Subway 6" Steak and Cheese clocks in just under 400 calories.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    you ate light all day, then only ate half of a 400 cal salad to be able to hit your calorie goal...?! how many calories do you eat per day?

    And 2 glasses of wine, which if it was red, and a big pour could easily be > 150 calories each.
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    What on earth does one put on a sandwich to make it 1500 calories?? I'm glad they had the calories posted to deter folks from ordering it.
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    Great job! those situations are very tricky, glad you pulled tru and won the battle! Keep it up
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    Well done staying strong.

    I was at a 50th birthday party on Saturday. And knew it was going to be tough. I ate normally before going and allowed myself a treat day - and budgeted 1000cal for drink and nibbles. A sea of finger food and cake. I stuck to sipping wine with my target in mind. Had five small glasses of prosecco and a single whiskey. Had a great time and managed to weigh in the next morning with a new daily low. I had to keep in mind that none of the finger food nibbles were worth it for a few seconds satisfaction.

    Of course everyone was simultaneously congratulating me on dieting but encouraging me to break the diet ' just today'. The worst was the person who had motivated me to start - they lost 6 stone over a year. He was really irritating.
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    Good for you!