Very little progress

I started my weight loss journey about 3 weeks ago. My starting weight was 244lbs and I'm down to 240 every day I get on the scale it has just been stuck at that number. I go to the gym everyday doing cardio and strength training and I stay below 1200 calories a day. But the weight is just not coming off like I had hoped. I was 239lbs a few days ago but that keeps bouncing back up to the 240. Starting to get a little down about it. Anyone else have similar experiences or advice? :#


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    Five pounds in three weeks is excellent progress! You aren’t going to lose every day or every week, so just be patient. Also make sure you’re hitting 1200 calories and not coming in below that number, though you can likely eat even more than that and still lose.
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    Were you strength training before 3 weeks ago? Are you sore? Because new exercise can cause water retention for muscle repair. Also, how far below 1200? You don't need to be eating that low. How are you measuring your food? Food scale?
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    Water weight fluctuatons can mask fat loss, and exercise can lead to water retention for muscle repair. You are supposed to hit your calorie goal, not go under it, but also not go over, and 1200 calories isn't much food, so I suspect that your logging is off. You have to make sure you're logging correctly, so weigh everything using correct and not too-good-to-be-true entries.
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    I have a very similar issue and even wrote a very similar post just last night. After doing a little research and remembering past experiences i suggest you measure success in 2,4, and 6 month increments rather than in weeks.
    Personally i disagree with jumping on the scale daily as weight loss just does not happen overnight. You'll have muscle gain from workouts, water retention, and many other factors that will not make that weigh-in accurate. Stick to a weekly scale check imo, and if the weight is up a bit, double-check the accuracy of your daily calorie recordings and consider that muscle is being built which will give the appearance of weight gain.

    Beyond that, consistency is key.

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    Take measurements and pictures so you do not have to rely on the scale to see/feel improvement.
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    Are you taking measurements? The scale is just a number and many factors can move that number up, down or not at all. Your measurements can change and not the scale.
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    Where are you in your cycle? Most women who are still menstruating will see water retention at some point in their cycle. For me It's about 7-10 days prior. I even see a jump, a couple times it was upwards of 8lbs.
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    You've lost more than a pound a week. That's great! What is your deficit?
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